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Microsoft flings untested Windows 10 updates to users! (Oh no it doesn't!)

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: gained the tools necessary for hosting a static website back in 2011.

But it's in the cloud!

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: An opening is here

For the next Steve Jobs (RIP) or William Gates of long ago to market a new operating system that works.

I've thought about this long and deep.

You have a very small problem: Computers aren't the fancy calculators that MS-DOS (aka CP/M clone) / Apple I OS ran on.

They're much more complex.

On the upside, you have Google's Fuchsia, An operating system with really nice underpinnings, to power smartwatch and smart PC equally.

But that's a whole damn company working on it. And not any company. It's Google.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: "production quality"?

Production quality, but they didn't tell you that it was "production of headaches" they're talking about ...

Waseem Alkurdi

I'm seriously contemplating Vista on my Haswell tablet. Even if it was "for fun". Even if it was slow. At least, it won't be a ~2004 box huffing and puffing under the pressure.

Apple iPhone X screen falls short of promises, lawsuit says

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Frivolity

Apple has a LOT more sensors/lenses than those Androids with the teardrop notch or hole.

Not necessarily a reason for a notch. Could've been placed at the top of the screen, like the top of the Galaxy S8 and above.

Given that EVERY Android phone still has a "chin" which Apple eliminated

The Xiaomi Mi Mix line eliminates the bezel in favor of a "chin" as you call it, so it's definitely possible to do the opposite.

Heck there are people who bemoan the loss of bezels, for reasons I can't possibly fathom.

I'm strictly not one of them, but those who do say that they make the palm of the hand cover a lot of precious screen estate. These bezels are ugly though. Back to form vs. function?

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Excuse me a moment...

"The hard drive thing is patently false: hdd manufacturers are one of the few getting it "technically" correct."

Okay, so it's the RAM manufacturers getting it wrong. Let's go!

Careful with this latest Microsoft release – tug too hard on the threads and it tends to unravel

Waseem Alkurdi

"Proper Linux fans will simply get given the sheep and be forced to knit the thing with their teeth, because anything easier is for noobs."

No, one would hex edit the world and add Shears, and while you're at it, add a few Diamond Ingots and Redstone, lots of it.

Vitamin Water gets massive publicity for new flavor: Utter BS

Waseem Alkurdi

"no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitamin Water was a healthy beverage"


"Vitamin" -> $RELIABLE_HEALTH_INFO_SOURCE said that this is good

"Water" -> Intuitively known as good

"Vitamin Water" -> "no consumer could be reasonably misled" et cetera?

How can their statement make sense to a person who never tried the beverage nor knows that the parent company is a megacorp?

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Bah. It's just the usual "Too good to be true" promise

Wait, so Santa Claus doesn't exist?

Time for a cracker joke: What's got one ball and buttons in the wrong place?

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: You can also get...


The really confusing USB/ESATA ports. Which always felt weird and not in a good way.

The HP Pavilion dv{4,5,6} Entertainment Notebook PC line had an eSATA socket that also accepted USB 2.0.

Talk about weirdness.

Doom at 25: The FPS that wowed players, gummed up servers, and enraged admins

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Stanger in a strange land..

But I hung around the computer centre for a few hours whilst she went shopping.

So both of you were shopping! xD

Did you know that iOS ad clicks cost more than Android? These scammers did

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Cost to me?

Did I consent to this? No. Therefore, this is unethical.

Waseem Alkurdi

Amazingly stock Android, at least as of v8.1, does not have a torch function.

Pixel XL user here. It's there in the notification shade, but you have to enable the Quick Settings toggle yourself.

Tech support discovers users who buy the 'sh*ttest PCs known to Man' struggle with basics

Waseem Alkurdi

"Actually... the power button for my new Samsung U28H75x monitor is on the back, on a joystick."

Our 2012 Samsung TV uses the same system as well, except that the damned joystick is on the back but pointing downwards.

The damned stick is close to breaking.

And they do break, according to others' experience.

And yeah, we also yank the damned plug as well xD

BOFH: State of a job, eh? Roll the Endless Requests for Further Information protocol

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Stuck in a Loop

Except the first three episodes of the third millenium and the Nigerian 418 one.

Waseem Alkurdi
Waseem Alkurdi

Another way this could've worked out

BOFH et PFY would lock up the Boss in the basement, with only a cig lighter, rope, gum, rotten dill pickles, and a computer screen.

The screen is actually a dumb terminal connected to the lock.

It runs an Eliza program that asks questions like, "How long did this happen? (Being locked up that is)", " How did this come about?", "What's on the lunch menu?", et cetera.

When the terminal's stress detector detects a Boss banging either screen or door or low aldosterone, it would offer a solution of paying the BOFH fund.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: tgiBOFHf

, I am slightly underwhelmed by this semi-annual BOFH post, I would've hoped for at least 3 casualties, a cattle prod, a slippery staircase, an open window, the HALON going off, and some pieces of carpet being dragged.

Actually no.

It's good to change the routine. It all follows the same pattern.

I've been trying to reach Simon Travaglia through several means (Facebook, Twitter, emails) ... but to no avail. I have got some ideas myself for future BOFH stories.

A remake of BOFH: Servers under Siege for modern times is also in order!

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: WooHoo BOFH is back

Heard of withdrawal symptoms?

They also affect people who read the BOFH Archive, then are deprived of more episodes!

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: This shows

Don't forget this:

An archive of the archive of the best of alt.sysadmin.recovery on Usenet, where most of the BOFH stories were originally posted ^_^

Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Losing customer

a company whose attitude to long-term support would make Don Juan blush.

THIS! Hell yeah!

Waseem Alkurdi

To be honest, this statement has a little truth to it though.

I bought my Google Pixel XL used through eBay a few weeks ago for $150.

It cost $700 just two years ago.

But then again, I simultaneously got the aforementioned iPhone 7 from the same seller for $210, and that also cost $700 two years ago.

Both were in mint condition.

Waseem Alkurdi

Most Android makers give up on support no later than the end of production of the hardware.

This, and all this.

This is because SoC vendors (ahem, Qualcomm) don't bother updating their proprietary drivers across Android version changes.

OEMs use them as a (perfectly valid) excuse to their greed.

Well, it's better than SoC "vendors" who don't bother releasing drivers (ahem, MediaTek).

So we gotta improvise.

Waseem Alkurdi

Refurbished iPhones are a bargain - but then again that's really just an admission that while there *is* a market for long in the tooth iPhones this will only get you a modest percentage of the next shiny if you're a frequent upgrader.

I bought an iPhone 7 on eBay for $210.(for my younger brother, nah, can't be seen using iPhones in public ^_^)

How exactly is it different than an iPhone 8, other than the glass back and moving poop emoji?

And it wouldn't be any different than the iPhone X gang had Samsung not upped the ante and produced a curved-display phone.

TL;DR - Apple is no longer innovating, which justifies older flagship bargains!

Waseem Alkurdi

Are they both running the latest Android system -- WITHOUT modding/jailbreaking? Because, as noted in the article, the Apple 6 is. The ability to keep up with security/functionality updates is a big issue for some of us.

Why did you arbitrarily exclude rooting and installing a 7.1.2 custom ROM?

You are of El Reg's readership. The standard is higher here.

And the next 7nm laptop processor will be designed by In, er, AM, um, Qualcomm: The 64-bit Arm Snapdragon 8CX

Waseem Alkurdi

Which is why Torvalds won't accept them into mainline AND why you can't just compile Linux mainline and expect it to boot, unlike on a PC.

Waseem Alkurdi

They will ensure Android will support the chipset, and that means Linux will.

Whoa, hold your horses here!

Who said that Android support means Linux support?

Qualcomm's Android Linux kernel drivers are proprietary junk tied to Android userspace AND a particular version of the Linux kernel, which is why major Linux kernel versions for one device rarely get upgraded to the next.

It makes them money to sell devices, not maintain older ones.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: What is "Fast Enough"?

Another point:

Unlockable firmware.

Secure Boot won't cut it.

Waymo's revolutionary driverless robo-taxi service launches in America... with drivers

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: The sad truth about self-driving cars

The only way to make safe driverless vehicles would be to put them on special lanes, perhaps specifically designed to avoid sharp angles; possibly with a system to keep them on trajectory at all times, like, some manner of metal railing? We could even mitigate the risk of collisions by having a bunch of them physically attached to each other. Oh, and then we could cut costs by devoting the propulsion function to a specialized unit. I think I'm on to something there, I'd better patent the idea before the Internet steals it!

Have a good one for this. This.

Waseem Alkurdi

I suppose I just have to join

the 21st Century
1984 (Orwell) Newspeak and let go of the entire concept of grammar.

OM5G... Qualcomm teases next Snapdragon chip for phones: The 855 with a fingerprint Sonic Screwdriver, er, Sensor

Waseem Alkurdi


Make that two of us.


That's $0.70 ^_^

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Security / Backdoor

And the alternative?

MediaTek is, well, MediaTek.

Apple? Who knows what's hiding in there (though no exploits seem to be publicized)

But imagine the horror, using an iPhone daily. Argghhhh.

Nokia dumbphones? Probably, but even these are in short supply now.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Band bingo

Many Far Eastern phones have "global" editions which cover all the usual bands.

The Pixel does this as well.

How the mighty have fallen: Anglian Water knocks Google off perch as UK's best workplace

Waseem Alkurdi

May I direct your attention to

This BOFH episode:

Especially the beginning.

Microsoft: New icons, new drivers, AI! Everything is awesome!

Waseem Alkurdi


quite frankly I don't really want a touch screen.

Your opinion, but ... just try them.

You can get anti fingerprint touchscreens like the ones on newer phones.

Waseem Alkurdi


Yes, like touch screens have worked so flawlessly with the built in Linux driver support

Ah, that.

This isn't an issue of Linux kernel drivers. It's an issue with userspace.

There simply isn't a window manager/desktop environment yet out there that supports touch properly.

The drivers are there. Half these are connected on an internal USB bus anyhow. And even i2c is picking up in terms of support.

Waseem Alkurdi


'And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.'

Terry Pratchett, Maskerade.

I know that my choice of title was rather rash, but have you bothered to read beyond the exclamation marks that gave you the knee jerk reflex?

Waseem Alkurdi

Who will actually maintain those legacy drivers is open to question.

The community nobody.

Waseem Alkurdi


Modern Drivers (also known as Universal Windows Drivers) are single driver packages designed to run over multiple PC types.

I'm NOT taking this.

The conspiracy theorist in me is screaming, "MICROSOFT IS KILLING LEGACY DEVICES!!!!!".

And the rational guy in me is, oddly, nodding in agreement.

STIBP, collaborate and listen: Linus floats Linux kernel that 'fixes' Intel CPUs' Spectre slowdown

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: He should hug off and mind his own business

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Somebody or something is attracted towards programming interfaces.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: He should hug off and mind his own business


Snowflakes like the fur of ducks, and they duck if given a Non-Maskable Interrupt (BOFH-style).

Oh, that (NMI) is a good word, too.

Tesla autopilot saves driver after he fell asleep at wheel on the freeway

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Not actually a first

The guy/gal in SpaceX colors inside that Roadster? I thought that was Elon's Roadster ...

Sysadmin’s plan to manage system config changes backfires spectacularly

Waseem Alkurdi
Thumb Up

Re: Other screw-ups

Safe aliases for 'rm' are a good thing to prevent this!

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Why use a revision control system?

If you're making several versions on the same day and the earlier one worked but later was borked?

If I'm not commenting my changes in the file itself, I'd do this:



... up to five past revisions per file per backup period.

I'm not going to commend every single config change on the config file itself.

Why not?

Wasting an extra two minutes' worth of:

# note to self: this fixes the ________ issue by doing _______ and ________.

would save twenty minutes trying to decipher what you've done that day on midnight when your eyes were seeing that each line of config file somehow has two blurry, redundant versions over and under it.

Waseem Alkurdi

Why use a revision control system?

These are typically used for code.

Sysadmins usually back up to tape.

If there's something broken, one would restore from tape (or at least, restore the offending file from a tape).

Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Representee of the 9 Year Old Army


He didn't.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Old people polarised by the news..

I don't even bother, to say what's wrong with this article anymore, even though I wrote it down.


Tell us what you think is wrong w/ the article, or else go back to Reddit.

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Generational differences

Generation Z here and saying hi.

Support whizz 'fixes' screeching laptop with a single click... by closing 'malware-y' browser tab

Waseem Alkurdi

Re: Push volume button to mute

Can you specify which one in particular?

We've had a couple of Opels in the family (Vectra, Kaddett/Astra) and I don't recall such a feature xD


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