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Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!


If you have to stick with Windows because either yourself or your boss is an idiot then just get creative with the firewall and block everything other than DHCP, DNS, Git, Iridium (Web Browser) and a few other online programs you use.

Official: Voyager 2 is now an interstellar spacecraft


I don't imagine your SSH session to one of those things would be any fun. 16+ hours per key press ;)

For fax sake: NHS to be banned from buying archaic copy-flingers


Not happy

What are we going to be able to dial "24328" on now?

3 points to the first human to discover the reference ;)

Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical


You still need to activate the damn things over the internet each time they are factory reset.

This DRM measure gives Apple the perfect chance to effectively disable them all within the period of 1-2 years.

non-ethical scumbags!

Ooo shiny! First Visual Studio 2019 sneak peek here in time for Chrimbo


Don't give a crap about the text editor. Hopefully Microsoft has contributed code to the CMake guys to integrate with the recent 'cl' compiler.

Basically developers only really use CMake anyway and without support in this, we will not be updating the toolchain until it down.

Wintel dust up: Intel supply woes vs Win10 demand


Unfortunately in various ways it was probably on the tax payers expense.

We are mugs.

OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users


You use amateur solutions, you are an amateur and you will run into amateur problems.

Enjoy your amateur problems you amateurs ;)

GCHQ pushes for 'virtual crocodile clips' on chat apps – the ability to silently slip into private encrypted comms


I think a government *should* be allowed access to whatever they want.

Unfortunately, we often don't have governments. What we have is a corrupt bunch of absolute criminals masquerading as a government.

I am sure they understand when I keep all of my communication encrypted and avoid sleezy crap such as whatsapp and other consumer crap. They do the same after all whilst they discuss their next criminal activity.

Why is my Windows 10 preview build ticking? Microsoft reminds users that previews have timebombs


If you run a amateur operating system, you are an amateur and will simply get amateur problems.

Enjoy your amateur timebombs, you amateurs :)

Joe Public wants NHS to spend its cash on cancer, mental health, not digital services



Stop giving our tax payers money to Microsoft you corrupt bastards!

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server


But they are home users

Anyone relying on a consumer activation server is a consumer / home user. So their Windows edition should reflect that.

For professional users, they need their software to be deterministic and reliable. So they do not use consumer activation servers requiring external company servers, a network connection. Too many unknowns that could go wrong.

Stay safe kids. Don't think software requiring strict DRM is a "professional" solution. Use your due diligence and pick a correct solution.

30 spies dead after Iran cracked CIA comms network with, er, Google search – new claim


Our nation would imprison the spies, not kill them.

Just sayin'

In memoriam: See you in Valhalla, Skype Classic. Version 8 can never replace you


Re: Integrations

Its fine. I filled my recycling bin with dog turd the other day. If these fucks can produce landfill shit by locking hardware down to a dying service, then I don't feel that a single pleb recycling should need to pick up their slack.


For the record, I never used Skype (I actually avoided it for this reason. I don't like being dragged along by the bollocks by dumb company whims)

Roughly 30 years after its birth at UK's Acorn Computers, RISC OS 5 is going open source


Re: Not So

I guess I stand corrected.

That said, were these products around ~2 years ago? I remember looking for a very long time and my only options were a second hand Iyonix or Virtual RPC.

What chips were in them before the ARM Cortex A8, A9 and A15 chips came out?


What I find sodding annoying is that before the raspberry Pi came out there was a gap of around 10/15 years where it was almost impossible to get a machine capable of running RISC OS.

When the Raspberry Pi dies off in popularity again (I.e like the BBC Acorn did) will there be another gap for 15 years?

Too few people care about digital preservation

Microsoft reveals xlang: Cross-language, cross-compiler and coming to a platform near you


Re: GCC?

Yeah I don't see the problem here. C / C++ is pretty much platform agnostic these days and then just ifdef the platform specific stuff. Ignore vendor lockin crap like Java/C# and cross platform code is within everyone's grasp.

If you avoid crap like Python, you don't even need to frig about with bindings either.

Life is good if you cut out the bullsh*t and just use C or C++ :)

Edit: And if a locked down platform like Windows RT doesn't support standard C or C++... you jail break that broken crap until it does. :)

Google taking action against disguised code in Chrome Web Store


It's not Google's job to police malicious code. They are not our masters.

It is just them being creepy in a passive aggressive kinda way.

Offline (if that's how you like it): Microsoft Azure IoT Edge


You still need to have the initial connection (in a similar way to DRM in games) which is literally where I lost interest. JTAG or uploading device code another way is still a better solution.

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square


Android won because it was "open"

Not open-source, just open so you can install your own crap on it.

Basically the same reason why IBM won with the PS/2.

Nothing new here. It was all predicted.

That scary old system with 'do not touch' on it? Your boss very much wants you to touch it. Now what do you do?


But what emulators are acceptable?

You cannot just use Virtualizers like VMware, VirtualBox because they do not provide any actual support for older operating systems like Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95. They can be hacked to run but that is not ideal for mission critical work.

You then cannot use Qemu and full system emulators because again... their focus is generally on Linux these days.

Emulators for non-x86 systems are also often very hobbiest or immature so that's poor for old SPARC servers

So emulation is actually not an ideal solution to this problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? My PhD is on this topic and I am currently in the process of the literature review ;)

Building your own PC for AI is 10x cheaper than renting out GPUs on cloud, apparently


After ~5 years you may need to buy a new rig to make the most of modern hardware again. At the current costs, this would still be cheaper than keeping with the cloud even if hardware upgrades are free / forced.

So basically the cloud is currently too expensive to really exist yet. Perhaps in another decade or so they will realize that their "cloud" dream will only manifest itself if they charge "correct" prices.

So I guess the current question is; why do cloud providers feel that they need to charge so much per hour? They are going to kill the idea of the cloud before it was even properly born.

Microsoft lights a fire under .NET Core teams, just in time for Ignite


Re: what if you 'outgrew' ".Not" (aka ".Net") itself?

"If you are genuinely writing code using only the Native API functions without recourse to libraries"

He did mention he was using libraries. wxWidgets being one such example.

I personally found that C++ projects seem to progress faster than .NET / Java projects. I don't know if it is the developers that are better or if .NET has hidden failures.

You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't


So Apple basically told him that he should have downloaded the films to his disk when he had the chance. But does the DRM not prevent this? Only streaming is allowed right? It is a lose-lose for the guy in the case study.

For the record, I purchase and then *always* torrent a backup copy so this will never affect me. I also have very little respect for those naive people who do not. However I still find it interesting to see how much content providers will push clients until they reject them completely.

If the DRM was not there to prevent a local download, then I blame the guy for being stupid. If there was DRM preventing this then I blame Apple for being criminals (and the guy for being a mug).

C++ devs take a Step Back, let the UWP guy play with Visual Studio


Yes 2010 all the way.

Some additional info that you guys might find useful.

1) 2010 does not require additional runtimes (i.e the 2017 C/C++ re-distributable) to be installed. This simplifies the deployment

2) 2010 with the Intel C/C++ compiler installed gives a slightly newer standard (C++11) which can keep the 2010 IDE going for another decade ;)

3) 2010 Express edition actually requires activation which the server no longer allows! Hidden DRM or what! Don't fall for that in future with express or community editions.

4) Worst case scenario, to keep with the 2010 IDE, just install clang which has great integration (and newer standards support).

Stay safe out there! ;)

Nvidia promises to shift graphics grunt work to the cloud, for a price


This NVIDIA cloud stuff is no good for any kind of competitive gaming in any way. Price wise or technology wise.

Imagine a LAN event where over 300 gamers all use a shedload of bandwidth to use "cloud NVIDIA". Sure, LAN gaming events have a fast internet connection but nowhere near the amount to funnel 2048x2048x3x60x300 bytes of data per second

2048x2048 screen resolution

x 3 bpp (rgb per pixel)

x 60 frames per second

x 300 players

300 gamers is optimistic, sometimes there can be many more! However I stuck with the low 300 to balance the fact there will likely be compression of the video stream. That said, unlike i.e youtube videos, live streams do not actually compress well at all because the chunks are quite small. So I still feel that I am being generous.

Nah, this is a just a form of control and will almost certainly lead on to very stupid DRM schemes or other restrictions once everyone is stupid enough to sell their proper computers and move over to dumb terminals / tablets.


The Internet is crap for so many people. If you cannot afford a machine capable of beating "streamed graphics", then you probably cannot afford an internet connection capable of sustaining it.

Pretty much why OnLive and countless others have failed. Also why this will fail. Also why the cloud fails in general for consumers.

What a load of crap. NVIDIA do something less shite please haha.

Nokia reinstates 'hide the Notch' a day after 'Google required' feature kill


Black electrical tape will suffice for me

... but I never gave much of a sh*t about phones.

Boffins are building an open-source secure enclave on RISC-V


This is desperately needed.

The next step will to create an open-source fabricator for us (or small groups) to fabricate their own chips and the IT world will be sane again and away from the control of creepy people and criminals.

I wish it well :)

C'mon, if you say your device is 'unhackable', you're just asking for it: Bitfi retracts edgy claim


Gosh, these guys literally sound like 12 year old kids.

Hello 'WOS': Windows on Arm now has a price


Re: Be careful what you wish for...

True enough but the difference is that ARM licenses out their designs and other companies can fabricate their own chips.

With Intel, Intel does everything. They have ultimate control.

Intel Management Engine and other creepy stuff like that will be a little harder (but not impossible I suppose) to slide into every fabricated ARM chip.


No, Windows RT died purely because it was locked down to a (cr)app store. There was no other reason.

Install Linux ARM on it for example and the i.e Debian repository has almost every bit of software you will need.

To be honest, I know quite a few people who are happy with their Jailbroken Windows RT. Microsoft delayed the ARM laptop market by 5 years with this stupidity. That is a lot of wasted energy and thus environmental damage, thanks Microsh*ts.

Space station springs a leak while astronauts are asleep (but don't panic)


What if one of those <2mm micro-meteorites hit something more important such as... a crew member?

No need to code your webpage yourself, says Microsoft – draw it and our AI will do the rest


HTML? That is so last year. Web development these days is all about dragging in pointless dependencies from NPM.

Can the AI do that?

A decade on, Apple and Google's 30% app store cut looks pretty cheesy


It is embarrasing that we need "one of them big fancy companies like Epic" to show us idiots the way.

App stores have been digitally raping humanity for so many years now and yet developers and consumers have willingly bent over. They might as well keep on doing so.

Myself? As a consumer I still just grab mobile software from the Pirate Bay. A much more user friendly experience.

As a developer... I refuse to make phone apps quite frankly lol.

No do-overs! Appeals court won’t hear $8.8bn Oracle v Google rehash


So can they carry on using Java or do they now need to approach Oracle for a license?

Incidentally they could have just avoided this whole mess going with the industry standard of C or C++ whilst having a simplified build system and cleaner API. Anyone making serious software will be using the NDK anyway. I am not so sure why Google pissed about with Java.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. No matter how horrible C and C++ are, there is no other correct choice and probably never will be :)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Runtime installers were built to fail


Hah, we do the same as Microsoft.

Chicken and egg problem, you cannot make the runtime installers with something that itself needs the runtimes to be installed to run!

Now, I am the first to bash Microsoft but in this case, I don't entirely disagree other than to get rid of the runtime installers entirely and keep things clean with a single .dll, like mingw manages to do.

Microsoft takes another whack at killing off Windows Phone 8.x


Thats great. So now can I make personal apps for my theoretical Windows phone?

No? What? Why?

Oh fsck off Microsoft! Get the hell out the way so someone slightly interesting can take your place.

Apple web design violates law, claims blind person


Join the club

I have pretty decent eyesight but still can't really use "modern" websites like Apple's.

The Javascript is too slow and bloated and because fonts on Linux are a tad different to MS and Apple, everything is often broken.

CSS fails. Tables just work. Check out Not pretty but works. Thats all I care about.

Arm debuts CPU roadmap for the first time, sort of


ARM... Acorn RISC Machine.

Ahh, the good old days when other humans would be welcomed into the world of computers rather than simply fsck(8)ed over and kicked right out again.

Arm no longer deserves its old capitalised TLA!

Google shaves half a gig off Android Poundland Edition


"E-Readers aren't full-fledged devices and should not be. If you want a full device with apps, get a tablet."

No. If you want a full device... get an IBM PC Compatible ;)

Don't you just love Windows 10 refreshes, yells Lenovo


Re: Seriously ......

Pick up a ~2007 Thinkpad off ebay T61 or X61. Then you will see what all the hype about Lenovo is about.

2018... yeah I agree. Lenovo is just the same old shite.

Edit: Actually, I had to replace my Thinkpad X1 Carbon's keyboard recently (beer tends to spill :/). I was pleasantly surprised, the machine is thinner than a Macbook but held together with metal screws rather than glue. That does get a few of my brownie points.

Visual Studio gains some go-faster stripes for Android emulation


I guess the problem with procedural code like C is that intellisense can't really work with it. The functions are not *in* the object and in 99% of the time, the object is an opaque pointer anyway so there is no way to extract a nice fancy list of "stuff I can do".

If they could get it to work, removed all the bullshit in Visual Studio, ported it to *BSD, allowed me to disable autoformatting with a single click and more, I would be happy to try it out.

CADs and boffins get some ThinkPad love


The hinge looks cheap.

ReactOS 0.4.9 release metes out stability and self-hosting, still looks like a '90s fever dream


Try out the UI

An experiment. Install Windows 2000 and try to complete a relatively complex task whilst timing it. For example renaming a small music collection.

Now try the same task with Windows 10 or Gnome 3 / KDE.

Notice how the crispness of the "90's" UI at the very least facilitates a much more efficient working environment? Amazing huh ;)

Also UI90 is better for reducing eyestrain from all the sloppy blur / fade effects.

We might be skimming the Surface, but it looks like Microsoft's readying a wallet-friendly device


Re: Going Back to the Future then Microsoft?

No, Microsoft just happen to have made the correct choice with regards to keeping 32-bit support around.

There are still more 32-bit Intel devices that run Linux than ARM devices. So for a Linux distro to drop 32-bit hardware support and yet still work towards ARM support is.... well a bit systemd ;)

But yeah, this device will be locked down, be overly hyped and then head straight to the landfill. Undoing all the recycling efforts that us peasants have put in for the last 5 years.

If it isn't locked down, and the price is under £75 (The price of a second hand Thinkpad), then this hardware will be a big hit!

IBM fired me because I'm not a millennial, says axed cloud sales star in age discrim court row


Agreed. IBM hasn't been the IBM it once was for many many years (since 1999?). The existing lot should all be replaced and the company reborn!

IBM has some great tech to exploit. The old boys simply are no longer interested in taking risks. They are all just waiting for their retirement.

As it currently stands, I would absolutely hate to work for IBM which is sad because I love AIX and XL C/C++ and love their developerWorks platform. Their focus on Java is a bit crappy, but we can work with that ;)

A fine vintage: Wine has run Microsoft Solitaire on Linux for 25 years


At this point it is just a waiting game. Just let Windows and Mac OS X "appstore" themselves out of existence and the only alternative will pretty much be Linux at that point*.

*BSD, Haiku, ReactOS will then take the current place of Linux as solid alternatives. Then when Linux screws up, one of the others will step up and the cycle will continue.

The important thing is we have alternatives. Otherwise we will be at the absolute mercy of a phenomenon known as Operating System inbreeding which Windows (i.e Metro, UWP, DRM, Developer Licenses) seems to be experiencing now.

Feds charge Man after FCC boss Ajit Pai's kids get death threat over net neutrality axe vote


Think like a computer. Just like Pai.

Will Pai's stupidity kill more people than himself and the number of his kids? (2?).

- If so... then the computer will take the choice of killing Ajit and his kids.

- If no people die from Pai's stupidity then the computer will choose not to eliminate him or his children.

So the question is... will the death of net neutrality kill anyone? I imagine some companies may never exist because of it, so a lack of income. Hence perhaps cause homelessness? So perhaps death by exposure? Who knows.

All I know is, if we want to beat soulless machine men like Ajit Pai... then we need to fight like soulless machine men. Take the lesser of two evils. Done.

Personally the idea of being a machine man disgusts me. Ajit Pai disgusts me.

IBM memo to staff: Our CEO Ginni is visiting so please 'act normally!'


Re: IBM hasn't been IBM for a very long time

This is exactly what happens when hordes of childish upper management takes over, they start putting even higher management up on pedestals and worshiping them as gods.

How can anyone get any actual work done under this kind of condition?!

It's sad. I want the old IBM back!

'No questions asked' Windows code cert slingers 'fuel trade' in digitally signed malware


Certificates are a broken idea anyway. Not only is it a horrid requirement for small companies or FOSS projects but it is completely unnecessary.

Look at HTTPS compared to SSH. With SSH, no signed certificate is required. The first time you log onto a server you get a signature in your "authorized" store and if it subsequently changes, you know something odd (not necessarily nefarious) is going on and you can inquire.

With HTTPS, you are at the absolute whims of "authorities" which can quite possibly be full of absolute idiots. I do not put my digital security trust in a bunch of idiots.

I predict that the main push for these things is to weaken open-source communities and smaller companies. It certainly does not provide security.

For stores where you cannot build from source... Peer review and checksums is probably the best you will get. It works very well for the pirate bay.


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