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Scoop! The inside story of the news website that saved the BBC


Re: bonus tracks (tech speak alert)

S'alright - I'm amazed you remember as much as you did - quite amazing really - this is my memory of that time:

Bob - boss man.

Mike - journalism stuff.

you - architecture

Matt Wood - WebObjects

Pete Lane - ASP

Sam/me - HTML

Matt Jones - design

... and together we built a website.

Pretty damn certain there were others involved as well, but I'm not good with names.

Beyond that it's mostly a blank. I remember lots of pressure, but I also remember a really great atmosphere. Still some of the most fun I've had working on anything.

I remember Bob had a habit of giving out sage bits of advice to us - he pulled me aside one day and said "Jude - if there's one bit of advice I'd give you, it's this: if you think something's shit, say it's shit". That has served me *so* well. The man's a genius.

The 1 pixel gif thing rings a bell, whether it was Sam or Pete or I - absolutely no idea!


Re: bonus tracks (tech speak alert)

Oi, Karas! The wonderful Pete Lane did the ASP (and some client-side work). Sam Urquhart and I did the HTML, innit. How can you forget us?! My heart bleeds.



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