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It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine

HmmmYes Silver badge


MS are giving up o nwriting software.

MS are slowly but surely giving up the idea that its badly written shit software is suitable everywhere.

Today the browser.

Tomorrow the OS?

MS Winddow Server BSD 2022?

UK's BT: It's not unusual to pull Huawei from our core mobile networks

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: I guess what goes around comes around...aka Karma

Are you 100% on your dates?

Marconi blew up in 2001.

Huawei did not enter the UK until 2003ish - and then only minor.

Microsoft's .NET Core 3 is almost here, which means time to move on from .NET Framework

HmmmYes Silver badge

Youve just confirmed my gripes.

ANSI->C99 - is about 2 sides of changes. It would take about 1 day to go thru and understand each update.

'Major version 3 of .NET Core. The .NET Framework is at 4.7. CLR is at version 4. '

Some, the basic platform bundle is at 3. The larger framework 4, the CLR at 4

You have 3 differently evolving packages. Then there's the combinations you might find out in the wild.

There's not static linking, everything will be dynamically linked.

Theres too many interconnections and changes for me to think that .net is a stable, long term platform.

HmmmYes Silver badge

See, the thing is, I *like* ANSI C/C99.

Specced in 1988. Minor update in 2000 - ooh 64bit!

30 years ago.

30 years of being able to assume what available on a C platform. OK, its limited but thets not a problem.

I do the value add, he bells whistlses, and Ive got a reliable , proven, as a good as bug free SDK youll ever find in software.

Yes, its not perfect but it works.

WHat the fuck do I get with .net?

Well, for one, we are at major version3, after just 10 years of exitense.

Is the new stuff usefull, add vlaue, something Ill ever use? Probably not.

Is it bug free. No.

Can I rely on it to be around in 30 years time. Can I fuck.

Does the new stuff break the old stuff? Probably.

Ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch, finance VP Stephen Chamberlain charged with fraud in US

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: All stuff that has been seen in *any* number of buyouts.

But thats all well known, both by auditors and companies.

Any basic due dilligence would be looking for cash and contracts.

I doubt Autonomy had that many customers - a few 1000? Would nit take long to review a few years orders and costs.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Suign the wrong people.

Need to have your auditors/due diligence team and the HP board in court.

Amazon's homegrown 2.3GHz 64-bit Graviton processor was very nearly an AMD Arm CPU

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: how clueless

If I was bilionaire shave headed interweb billlonaire, sitting in my old volcano HQ, thinking out a CPU for my cloud farm then I would be looking at the following:

- Processing/Wattage.

- How well the chipset/ISA plays with VM.

- Big caches.

- IO permfromance.

Compilerer performace is a no brainer. I can hire LLVMers to tweak that.

Joe Public wants NHS to spend its cash on cancer, mental health, not digital services

HmmmYes Silver badge

This will be some sort of indirect lobbying by one of the many NHS self interst groups.

The survey would do better by asking Joe Pleb where the NHS spends its money and seeign how that correlates to acutal spend.

I think Joe Pleb will be surpised that most NHS goes on privding a talkign shop for OAPS whinging about whatever, mainly being old. And providing a midwifery service to the rst fo the world.

Capita, Serco, Sopra Steria to write cheat-sheets for in case they collapse

HmmmYes Silver badge

Let me rewrite that:

The bit of UKGOV failed to write enought detial i nthe contract and identify who owned what.

What the #!/%* is that rogue Raspberry Pi doing plugged into my company's server room, sysadmin despairs

HmmmYes Silver badge

When Ive found myself cursing at a useless/crooked 'professional' business - lawyers, EAs amainly - Ive sat here brooding about ways I could fuck roaylly fuck them over.

It used to be stink bombs/hidden sardines.

These days, a small wireless ARM device deve - those gur plug things, or smething hanging off a USB dongle for power would do.

IT security? Why have expensive consultants when you a payd an agency cleaner NMW and they work out of office hours.

Behold, the world's most popular programming language – and it is...wait, er, YAML?!?

HmmmYes Silver badge

Is YAML a programmign lanaguge?

DOnt know, dont care.

YAML is *not* XML, and thats all I care about.

Health secretary Matt Hancock assembles brains trust: OK, guys. Let's cure NHS IT

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Pointless

Ben Goldacre is prepared to put sicence and good health practise first.

A large part of the NHS is about churn and vabity - google NHS homoepathy.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Ive had this arugment abot Music = software.

Its not.

Sure, softwrae has some similarities with music - its a sequence of codes, some of which repeat.

However - Music does not have state. Fucking up one note does not fuck up the entire concerto 20 minutes later.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Number of things.

Now bear in mind the NHS is one of he biggest orgs in the world. The fact that these are an issue is dammning for the people working in the NHS. No excuses.

Ome there are import technicla aspects that need looking at, namely interoperation./standards. The NHS centre should not be stipulating which application of what not to use. It *mus* be saying yo they interwork.

A lot of the problems with the boave have been mainly fixed with HL7. How Labours digital NHS failed when the bulk of the stuff was available, which the NHS pays money for is damming of the NHS as an organisation.

The other one problem, which is less technivcal and more orgnaisation - there's no point trying to automate a dysfunctional org where people ignore or are unwilling to use prcedures. No ammount of IT will fix that.

And before people star syaing 'O hhe Drs n Nurses are there to help pepole get better ..' They are. The bulk falls on the non clinician staff, which make up 50%+ of the NS employees. And the clinican staff have their part to play - NHS operates like a wierd ,expensive feudal system.

Consultnats are not Kings. They are paid employees of the NHS.

Super Micro chief bean counter: Bloomberg's 'unwarranted hardware hacking article' has slowed our server sales

HmmmYes Silver badge

Bloomberg needs at least one of these servers wit hthe magic spy chips stored in its lawyers safes.

If it hasnt than it can expect to sued out of business.

a far as the Supermicro needing to prove the other side a leir. Simple - MI Lud, does Bloomberg have one of these hacked machines it can provide to a 3rd party for insopection and analysis?

Tumble weeds rolls across the court ...

Having a jounro in court saying 'A big boy told me it was posbile' doesnt cut it.

Dell melts in face of investor dissent, ups offer for Class V stock

HmmmYes Silver badge

Mikey spends way too much time with Wall street types.

Given half the chnace, theyll piss every cent away on fees for 'clever' schemes that blow up at a later date.

VMware is a high margin, high growth business.

Dell - the hardware bit - is mainly low margin low growth.

If I wa a VM sahre holder Id fucked oof that Mikey was taking my equity and pumping into a low margin busienss like Dell. And paying millions in fee to Wall street for this.

MIkey and Wall street spent a fortune taking Dell private.

Trun that into a high margin, high grwoth business and I might cosnider merging VMware.

This is nothing more that the biggest idiot being able to leverage up o ruin two businesses.

SAP can claim to change its culture, but can it convince customers?

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Ex-SAP victim

Im not sure ERP really is complex.

SAP is as brittle as fuck. But thats because its all strung together with that 1960s junk language.

Just one Corretto, give it to me... AWS brews its own blend of Java with free long-term support

HmmmYes Silver badge

What do you call Java running in the cloud?

. . .


Former Intel love rat Krzanich finds his calling, lands at biz that sells tech to car dealers

HmmmYes Silver badge


A comptuer scientist will just keep rewtiing algothims, in MX.

Intel needs to be run by a bunch of people who write software.

Thats what there chip is used for.

No point having chemists or ltihographics. Yes, they are very important for production but not stragegy.

Intel are now beyond hte point of small die/economic pay off.

There's no more bail outs if they fuck up like they did with P4.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: from a CDK customer

There's two kinds of 'good' support:

One, the good kind - where a product is well supported.

Two, the bad kind ,where the product is so shit the support are well versed with the various fuck ups.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Del Boy?

Ha I thoguht Swiss Toni too.

A car is like a beutiful shy intern .... need to grasp the wheel firmly and ease yourself in.

Talk about Micron-aggression: US charges Chinese biz, staff over DRAM chip secrets theft

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Now the mob will try to extort more and more...

Not even close.

US and west sniff around intelligence.

Us leaves non military tech alone.

China looks to rob everything and tutn the ip into a profit centre for the red army.

We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Does anyone use an IDE on RHEL anyway?

Me too.

Installed rhel centos 100s of timr.

Cant think of ever running a gui - and thats not a bad thing!

I know what you're thinking: Outsource or in-source IT security? I've worked both sides, so here's my advice...

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: As long as you don't offshore security

Well, at its base, business is about money.

Saying outsurcing/offshoring is about money is not enough.

However ....

If you make a casr that outsourcing/offhsoring exposes the business to operational risk or, worse, large fianncial costs, then you are on the right line.

Me peroanlly, utsorucing/offhsoring would need to save me a lot of money and cost save me 50% before Id consider it worthwhile.

As it stands, each time Ie gone thru the initial figures, the saving from outsroucing have been pretty marginal - less than 20%. And the riskspretty high.

Whne I've gone thru actual figures, Ive found the outsourcing of my kinda work is actually more expensive.

Haha, good times: Larry Ellison regales noobs about when Oracle staff almost didn't get paid

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Sage advice


He got very very lucky once.

Then brutal time and time after again.

HmmmYes Silver badge

It wont have been a real fire, with logs n stuff.

Just a pile of customers money, burning in the hearth.

IBM sits draped over the bar at The Cloud or Bust saloon. In walks Red Hat

HmmmYes Silver badge

Best coverage/speculdation other than this site (brown nose..) Cringely:


Does IBM finally accept thats is no longer Bsiness Machiness but its now Business Software.

If the new CEO is the RH one than thats going to be fun..

Memo to Mark Sedwill: Here's how to reboot government IT

HmmmYes Silver badge


Hey kids! Lets put a record o nthe jukebox and dance on the table ...

The issue with GDS and its 'wunderkinds' is that a bunch of Web front end 'pogrammers' are just that - a bunch of people who are contantly dicking around wrtiing and re-writing javascript libaries.

Total waste of time.

What you need is a stripped down webgui front end, customed to whatever service, an encryped trasnports and a tranactional backend.

And then those services have to be released, tested and updated in a controlled, managed way.

The bulk of the that work - the tranport and the tranaactional backend - are mind numbingly hard and skills you are unlikey to find in a shoreditch cereal bar. Or a bunch of Guardian reading HTML under 25yo bullshitters.

Oz spy boss defends 'high risk vendor' ban

HmmmYes Silver badge

There's no problems with sourcing hardware and silicon components from PRC.

However, youll run into a problem once you start sourcing complex software systems, installed in your infrastructure.

Assange catgate hearing halted as Ecuador hunts around for someone who speaks Australian

HmmmYes Silver badge

Ive met Assange once, before the kerfuffle

He had BO and was a prick.

Im betting Ecuador regret their charity.

The Chinese are here: Xiaomi to bring phones to the UK next month

HmmmYes Silver badge

I feel thers a market for an app that removes all apps from an Adnroid phone.

Including the ones you were unaware of.

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

HmmmYes Silver badge


Its equity - you need to look at growth and amrgin ratehr than absolute figures.

Redhat are growing and have better margins.

IBM have been stagnating for years and have loads of fixed costs.

Just compare the share price of RH v IBM.

HmmmYes Silver badge


Who knows, if nazis had to run 3rd reich on a seqrl db theyd have ben tied up for 20 years.

No heinz, redo the schema to put poland with france. Itll save some memory.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Going to be hard.

IBMers are just just - Imbers. Theyve limited skills outside of ibm products. Most are not developers.

RH is a pure development and support play.

Id guess RH would easily find other employers.

Ibm have just bought the support contracts.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Looking at those figures, it would make more sense for redhat to buy ibm.

Ibm are a terrible business and company. 20 years of deminstrating they are incapable of being a good, well run siftware business.

'We broke a few things and will continue to do so... in a careful way' – Oracle's Reinhold on Java renovation work

HmmmYes Silver badge

Slightly more complex.

Official java will bleed you dry.

Theres the open java thang - icedtea or whatever.

But you are on your own. Last time i looked oracle did not ship the regression test.

If youve made a sigificant investment in java then youve 3 choices

1- Be bled dry by oracle. Youll pay each time larry has a shit.

2 - Invest in your own java development team - produce your own regression tests for jdk and your apps. A massive commitment because if java is anything its a complex mess.

3- port everything away.

Pick one now.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Theres a lesson here.

Java was always a solution lookign or a problem, so the ammoutn of code that went into it was shocking - 4-5 guis, various means of networking, god knows how mnyn 'Wouldnt it be nice ...'

All over a 20 years period. And the they were reluctant to deprecate and delete the old crap.

*IF* Java was a small, itght VM with support for sockets and decent built in integer then it would rule business and web stuff. No brainer.

Instead is a bloated monster which requires a lot of money to just get the basica changes QA in place.

Any compnay that bet on jave - and a lot did, internally - are o nthe hook for ongoing support costs. And, to put the cherry on the shit cake, that person is Oracle.

Me? I stick C99 and its standard runtime. Nice n small, with lots of competing suppliers.

Forgotten that Chinese spy chip story? We haven't – it's still wrong, Super Micro tells SEC

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Never forget: the Nayirah testimony

In 1990 Saddam invaed Kuwait.

US were aligned to Kuwait.

US and Kuwait told Saddam to go away.

He didnt.

US colaition invaded.

Bad news: Juniper to pass Trump's China tariffs onto customers. Er, good news? It'll be about 4%, says CEO

HmmmYes Silver badge

4% is nothing.

Probably less than the rise in Chinese labour costs.

Looking at recent quotes from China, anything above ~5k unit is goign to be cheaper to make i nthe West.

SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...

HmmmYes Silver badge

Larry Wall.... God bothering ...

Perl came from fiery arsehole of Satan.

Morrisons supermarket: We're taking payroll leak liability fight to UK Supreme Court

HmmmYes Silver badge

Im going to go thru this ruling when its annouced.

Be intresting to see where the court reckosn the blame lies with and why..

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer

HmmmYes Silver badge

Have they tried turning the power off and on?

Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Strong denials


Bloomberg would have approached all parties or a comment.

The copnaies were aware of the story, it was not out of the blue.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Discrediting Chinese manufeaturing is easy.

Just place an order for '1000 of' <something> and if your name is not Apple or another very large company then you'll get a cotnainer full of hitnmis shit some 12-24 months after the due date.

HmmmYes Silver badge


Sounds like a case for .... Interpol.


On the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, we give you 7 times he served humanity and acted as an example to others

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Very...

Now compare and contrast Jobs biography with Jack Welchs vainglorious bullshitting ponzi fraudster cunt.

HmmmYes Silver badge

Re: Jobs: "Yous get ought for nouht in't life!"

I only hope she told him to fuck off when he came grovelling for spare organs...

HmmmYes Silver badge

Wel, he was a total cunt who did get some good products out. Eventually.

Most other ceos are just total cunts. asks biz for ideas on how to 'overcome' data privacy concerns in NHS

HmmmYes Silver badge

Oh that £9m is mine.

Maintain a list of people: NHS trust CEO, heath secretary and handul of MoH senior servants.

Sack them all if there's a data breach.

This prize bullsht is annoyig. It works well for moonshot stuff -reuable rockets where there's various billionaires funding the development.

It doesnt work for the everyday, should be doing this default stuff.

I smell a bright young PPE/Ecomomics Oxbridgey civil servant's hand in this.

Financial Conduct Authority fines Tesco Bank £16.4m over 2016 security breach

HmmmYes Silver badge


Id hate to be holding equity in a bank thats has mesed up after, say, 2016.

Just as well as all the UK banks are totally robust and haven't spent he last 6 months in various states of fuckup.

~32m, reduced to 16m for cooperating.

Id be putting those number int othe outsourcing cost saving spreadsheet.


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