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O2 and Be customers suffer network congestion

Bob Marris

Overstretched and they know it

In Southampton at least O2 aren't taking new customers on several exchanges - their availability checker says you can only get "O2 access" which is a pricey re-sell of BT's service on both the Shirley and Southampton exchanges... which is odd as I've had "propper" O2 for the last year from the Shirley exchange!

Wish they'd just fess up to being overloaded....

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap

Bob Marris

Intellectual humour?

> He says he's largely letting his machine-learning lab at Cambridge run

> itself these days

Is this a Cambridge A.I. Prof's idea of a high-brow joke?

EMC does flash drives on big storage

Bob Marris
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Alan Parsons wrote:

> I'd be more interested in how many times you can write to these devices

Long-time-no-see Alan...

The actual internal capacities are multiples of the exposed capacity allowing a whole-lot-more sector remapping than you'd get on, say, a SCSI/FCAL drive.

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