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Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!

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When people PAY for Amazon Echo, Dot and connect their smart TV with mic and "Android TV" GUI to Internet? I can't believe the use and user agreements of Android TV in most TVs now in Europe is even legal.

IoT gadgets too.

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Firefox, Waterfox or even Chromium.

Loads of Linux users don't use Google's Chrome. Other browsers are usually the default.

Telcos enlist Google, Amazon to help protect Europe's data from Big Tech

Mage Silver badge


Amazon and Google?

Could only be worse if Facebook added.

The problem is so called "AI" and all the big "Tech" companies. Especially the Multinational / USA ones.

Disgraceful antics from Orange and Deutsche Telekom!

Microsoft to rule the biz chat roost – survey

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MS is still dominant in Business, despite all their attempts to drive customers to Apple and Linux with their "phone-centric" desktop, stupid flat inconsistant GUI, poorer backward compatibility and nasty Updates. Also Exchange & Sharepoint (both horrible compared with even free alternatives) dominate in medium to Enterprise.

Not a surprise.

Having swallowed its pride and started again with 10nm chips, Intel teases features in these 2019-ish processors

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Geometry shrinks soon a dead end?

Also continued geometry shrinks gives progressively less increase in speed (capacitance), worse leakage (tunnelling and traditional leakage), less power saving and lower yield. Maybe lower life (drift). Perhaps 20mm to 35mm real geometry is the limit. Ten years ago Samsung started stacking low power CPU, RAM and Flash chips in one package, allowing less I/O pins and little change to package height (SC6400, actually in first iPhone). This is one route. Another is 4x larger chips with lower I/O pin count and better yield, expanding the SoC idea. Current route is doomed to a dead end shortly due to physics.

The "System" on a wafer idea is 1970s. The idea was redundancy to allow for defects. Current wafer size would allow 19 giant Macro hexagonal shaped SoCs of far greater complexity than envisaged by Ivor Catt. A complete Laptop, server, tablet, phone, router, setbox etc on a single chip. SMD legs on six edges, no poor reliability BGA packages. Less I/O connections needed. Old school mask ROM plus laser cut fuses and RAM table based FPGA type tech to route around most chip defects. Concentrate on reducing defects than reducing geometry.

LG's beer-making bot singlehandedly sucks all fun, boffinry from home brewing

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with all the pipework such a thing entails

Not needed for beer / ale / stout. You only need a big plastic bin. A pipe to fill bottles with crown caps is optional. You can use a jug and optionally a funnel.

Not really needed for mead (the honey is an expensive ingredient), cider or wine either.

It's possible distilling (not legal here so I've not tried) needs a pipe for the vapour to condense in. The problem apart from legality, is deciding what the condensate is.

A purist might start with oats or wheat grain, sprout, roast/malt/ extract. Seems a bit of cheat to buy a can of malt. Fermenting honey or various fruits, blossoms or even sweetish roots is easier than making malt for "beer" from scratch.

I'm struggling to see how this machine improves on a plastic bin + lid. It's not like coffee where Cafetière, boiled in a pot (ME style), filter, Moka pot, electric percolator and espresso machine all make very different brews. Even different sorts of Espresso machines are different. The capsule coffee/tea machines were a good idea for a shop with a low volume of customers and self service. I had the loan of one and it seemed like a way to pay more to have 2nd rate espresso at home.

Privacy, security fears about ID cards?'s digital bod has one simple solution: 'Get over it'

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Re: Why don't we have a referendum...

You can't go around punching people, even if their ethnic background is Irish

Bill Posters is Will O'Fthepeople's cousin. People keep threatening him.

Mage Silver badge

Re: It's like a hamster trying to juggle snakes

I'm hoping that one day the snakes mistake a mongoose for a hamster.

Mage Silver badge

Re: There is no advantage in universal ID

There is for spies, criminals etc.

How secure will the database be?

People believe what the computer says.

Read Wilfred Greatorex's 1999. Or watch the series.

I think May's Home Office, "Hostile Environment," PIP, Universal Credit are part of same scheme with the ID card, which will be done badly.

See also Harry Harrison's "To the Stars" Trilogy:

1980 Homeworld

1981 Wheelworld

1981 Starworld

For fax sake: NHS to be banned from buying archaic copy-flingers

Mage Silver badge

Re: Security and but also third party issues

Also it DOES work over decent VOIP. No real phone line needed.

I remember about 20 years ago explaining to the local Garda HQ how easy it was to open a cabinet or hatch near the station. Fit a bug charged off the phone line and intercept with a radio connected to a PC fax card in a van a few hundred metres away.

Echelon simply intercepts faxes at the exchanges.

Still, for everyday purposes less likely to be intercepted by a random script kiddie than email. Secure email still needs some expertise to set up.

SMS and photos by MMS is terribly insecure as Mobile operators won't spend the money on more up to date security.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Fax machines goes back to the 60's

Maybe the 1860s. First demo was in 1851!

In the 1930s there were adaptors sold in USA. News was "faxed" by radio after voice program close down. Rather more useful than 22 line mechanical TV. RCA & EMI killed off both ideas in 1936 with their jointly developed Electronic TV (USA used slightly more lines than UK 405 and changed to the 525 system a little before Russia tested 625 lines in late 1940s. It was mad ego that UK restarted 405 when 18 months later they could have used 625).

Certainly Fax was a niche and less popular than telex/telegraph till 1970s.

China & Japan still keen on fax. Clue, have you tried to do eMail in Chinese or Japanese?

Mage Silver badge

such as secure email

Though with a Fax you KNOW it's connecting and printing (unless a sneaky computer based system, I was using the 10 numbers on a basic ISDN, ISDN card in NT4 server and integrated, archived, indexed TIFFs direct to desktop before offices had DSL).

I hope not outsourcing set up of Secure Email to Capita, or on a Cloud. An organisation that big needs their own co-located servers, their own IT experts, redundancy/distribute systems etc.

What could go wrong outsourcing it all to MS, Capita, Amazon, Google etc?

My coat used to have a Nokia Communicator N9200i to test the faxes.

Expired cert... Really? #O2down meltdown shows we should fear bungles and bugs more than hackers

Mage Silver badge

Re: Counting MNOs is hard

Mobile spectrum, actually ANY spectrum is a very limited resource. Splitting it to different physical operators reduces performance by x2 to x5. Also operators will not increase mast density to improve performance (the ENTIRE concept of Cellular frequency reuse) once they have sufficient coverage. The issue of ROI. Adding more masts / performance doesn't generate more income.

Just because Network rail is a disaster, doesn't mean the idea of managing and regulating fixed single resources shouldn't be done.

The old Post Office management of Telegraphs and Phones was done wrong. The solution isn't to go to the opposite extreme and have multiple operators and a Regulator that cares more about income from Operators than coverage, performance or the Consumer.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Counting MNOs is hard

ONE physical network, properly designed, resilient and regulated is best (A RAN). Then there can be as many MVNOs as want to play.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Incompetance

Also having RAID or a Cluster makes no difference to need for a backup. Most data lost is caused by user error, also RAID or a Cluster is no protection against malware.

A nasty malware may have a timed later activation so that your backups are infected. Thus you can't just keep rotating the backups or just using one USB HDD etc.

You need to keep archived backups off site.

You also don't know how long it might be before user error deletion or mess of data, or patch or new program shows a problem. You may need an earlier backup than you imagine.

Most individuals, small companies and many Corporates have no real "disaster recovery" plan. What if your single shop or office is burgled, burnt down, blown up, flooded. You can buy new stock, office furniture and PCs. What about your accounts, supplier data, customer data / CRM, payroll, etc? Also do not rely on 3rd party "Cloud" CRM, Payroll or accounts. What is their backup, security etc? What do you do if you lose your broadband? How do you migrate to a different supplier. Can you make your own backups in case of error of one of your users, not just the failure of provider?

Cloud services may be essential for a Commerce Web site. Or two co-located servers in two data centres is cheaper than electricity and Fast Broadband to a single office. Cloud services or outsourcing for your core business, your backend data etc is really stupid. Banks are particularly crazy to do this.

Mage Silver badge


I've been saying this for over 30 years.

Even most user's computer infections are relying on the user's lack of computer expertise (not disabling Autorun, unwanted services, adding toolbars, not disabling remote content in email viewer, clicking on OK boxes without reading them, opening unexpected documents to see what they are, not hovering to check links etc etc).

Most really bad IT disaster I've seen have been human error. Even HW failures were everything was lost is human error in sense of not having a backup, RAID or Cluster depending on importance of system. Once there was a server moved while running. Two reasons everything lost. 1) The HDDs only had one or two screws. 2) You don't move stuff that's not portable while running. It's not even a good idea to move a laptop with a regular HDD while running, Dropping it is more likely to be fatal to HDD than when off or asleep.

I even wrote a book about an "apocalypse" caused by human error. Faulty patches to BGP on Routers and on HTPP and eMail on servers on same late Friday.

The curious tale of ICANN, Verisign, claims of subterfuge, and the $135m .Web dot-word

Mage Silver badge

Too many and inconsistent

TLD: Each ISO country, region and trading block, plus one for international (to replace com, gov, info, net, org etc, maybe www) and one for intergovernmental organisations, including the UN.

Then between the rented or purchased domain and TLD, have:

org, gov, edu, co (also com as alias), info (also inf is alias), news, well (alias health and Care)

The edu and news regulated by the country's regulators for Education and Media.

Also the equivalent of all those intermediate qualification of TLD in all languages would be free aliases.

You should be able to rent or buy the 3rd level of the domain. There should be a special arbitration for reuse of expired domains or desirable ones.

Country domains only available if you have an address in the country.

If commercial seller and using the International domain, you must supply world wide.


Perhaps stupid and impractical. However the present system was bad and is now worse with proliferation of TLDs which is just ICANN and Registrar greed.

ICANN and stuff like IP allocation needs to be under ITU, though it needs reforms, at least it's not controlled by one country and totally bonkers as well as greedy.

Also no organisation other than an ISP / Mobile provider should have more than 10,000 IPs. The situation with many US companies and Universities and some Governments is crazy greed. Hundreds of Millions of IPs or more, unfairly allocated.

Mines the one with rule books in the pockets.

HCL picks up Notes, spanks total of $1.8bn at Honest John's IBM software sale

Mage Silver badge

Half what IBM paid for it.

Still too expensive. Why have they bought it?

Mage Silver badge

Re: Re That's a lot of notes for Notes

Win98 was parallel to NT 4, not really a forerunner of XP. Different kinds of things.

Win 95 parallel to NT3.5

Win 3.11 was parallel to NT 3.1 which was the first NT in 1993 (There was an MS version of OS/2 in 1989 with LAN manager for DOS/ Windows)

ME (Arrrgh) was sort of parallel to NT 5.0 known as Win 2000

ME was the last development of the Windows GUI loaded after booting DOS. (Win 1, 2, 286, 386 all poor, Win 3.0 nearly there, Win 3.1 first reasonable version of the GUI)

XP was NT 5.1

Server 2003 or maybe Itanium XP 64 Pro* or maybe x86-64 XP Pro was NT 5.2

Vista was NT 6.0. The Itanium 64 bit XP was killed off early!

Win 7 was really a SP, or something of Vista. It was NT 6.1

Win8 should never have existed and inexplicably was NT 6.2, so must have mostly been a crazy change to the Desktop.

Win 9 didn't exist because of stupid programmers checking for a stupid string like 9* instead of functionality.

Win10 should be NT 7.0, but they had Windows 7 already. Besides Apple stayed at Version 10 after OS 9, since March 2001 and MS wants to copy Apple, Adobe and Google. Hence every new version of NT will be now Windows 10 and NT 10.

(*There was a 64 bit version of NT4.0 for Alpha. NT at one stage supported x86, Pentium Pro (win9x ran bad on Pentium Pro because it ran 16bit natively, NT used WOW and NTVDM), MIPS, Power PC, 32 bit Alpha. Unlike Win3.1/Win9x/WinME, NT never ran DOS or 16 bit Windows code natively but on a NTVDM with all Win16 APIs mapped to 32 bit Windows (WOW).)

FCC slammed for 'arbitrary and reckless' plan to change how text messages are regulated

Mage Silver badge


Almost all my Email spam is from USA entities

About 1/4 is email address only used by ICANN

"Opt out" is USELESS as that confirms you exist and read the message! An invitation to be resold and spammed under a different name.

The USA needs to make ALL communication and marketing Opt in only, and no preselected opt in.

FCC is captured by Mobile and massive USA Corps. Don't care about consumer at all.

Huawei CFO poutine cuffs by Canadian cops after allegedly busting sanctions on Iran

Mage Silver badge

Great Britain blockaded the ports

Also the US Civil war went badly...

Curiously the Confederates (controlling an area with most of the US cotton production) thought it would be clever to cut the supply of cotton to the UK.

British didn't react as they expected.

Trump steel import tariffs may achieve what Europe, Japan and Korea didn't, the death of North American Auto making.

Sanctions have a history of making ordinary people suffer, making Global companies rich (SA) and often ignore the worst Regimes. Like Iran's Gulf and Arabian enemies.

Waymo's revolutionary driverless robo-taxi service launches in America... with drivers

Mage Silver badge

Re: perhaps specifically designed

But it's about 150 years old. Not shiny and modern.

Also how do you track the exact starting and finishing points, time etc so as to monetise personal information. We don't exactly know start & end locations of people using buses, trams and trains.

It's about the usage data more than automation. I suspect that's partly PR and partly to save cost on paying drivers.

Mage Silver badge

Re: She was walking her bicycle across a highway at night

Or free public transport like the entirety of Luxembourg?

OK, not a big place.

How does someone with small kids and the weekly shop cope with a driverless taxi?

Go watch supermarket late on Friday, Maybe not in USA. Loads of people in other countries can't afford a car (actually usually it's the insurance that they can't afford).

Why are new entrants that are basically doing nothing useful allowed to continually push down driver wages and conditions and sell below cost financed by a massive Corp or foolish Venture Capitalists?

You could order by mobile phone before Uber. Traditional taxi and hackney companies that treat workers better also have apps.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

Mage Silver badge

Quite expected.

It will get worse and more critical. What is the worst? Having your business TOTALLY depend on internet connections (fibre, DSL, Mobile) or the so called Cloud.

The biggest risk isn't a solar flare taking out satellites, or even global Nuclear War. Or cyberwarfare or criminal hackers. It's creeping monoculture, maybe eventually only 3 Eco systems. We have maybe only four major mobile infrastructure companies now, one is Chinese Gov owned (ZTE) and one sort of private Chinese (Huawei). Nokia ate Lucent/Alcatel, Siemens and Motorola Networks and there is Ericsson.

Cloud providers and the OSes they use? Linux is fine, but maybe a patch pushed out by management late on Friday, maybe before a holiday. Might be for Servers, Edge Routers or both. Even MS uses Linux exclusively on some bits of their cloud.

I wrote a post apocalyptic story with lots of mayhem and death. I decided it was too dark so wrote one with a fantasy setting set slightly in the future where all retail POS, cash machines, Mobile and fixed line billing and even a lot of SCADA relies on the Internet and a handful of Cloud Service providers (Renting space on someone else's remote server like 1960s). "No Silver Lining" Ray McCarthy. You can download 1st 20% free.

All mobile, internet, cloud services etc WILL fail at the same time, sooner than later. How much retail, wholesale, SCADA (Traffic lights, Electricity distribution configuration, sewage & water pumps etc) now depend on it?

Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning

Mage Silver badge

Re: Popcorn anyone?

YouTube and Pinterest are parasites.

Mage Silver badge

Re: I'm on faceborg

Use email.

Maybe Viber for real time text and chat, or perhaps Telegram or Signal?

I tried QQ for a while after Skype got broken on XP (as I'm not Chinese), then I moved to Linux. Only Chinese QQ for Linux.

Note that several popular systems are owned and borged by Facebook.

Mage Silver badge

Re: The real fun has n't even started yet..

Credit card companies and Loyalty card schemes, not just in USA but in EU and UK are selling data to Google.

That probably wasn't legal in EU even before GDPR.

Eircom in Ireland (who are not Irish) have moved legal HQ from Dublin to Jersey. When you sign up you are offered chance to opt out of phone, SMS, email and other marketing. Last year those were pre-opted in. What they DON'T tell you is that by default, hidden in your online page if you register, is two sets of nasty settings: Your WiFi is shared to other Eir customers (managed remote on modem/router they supply, no visible user setting) and you are pre-opted into every sort of marketing when you stop being a customer. I only found the two pages on the website (when you log in) because I was looking a few weeks ago how to cancel the contract after a year and was their year 13 months? I didn't find answer to either question. I guess I'll cancel DD after 12th payment and write / email to them.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Riddle me this?

The advertising is targeted. It's just crap. The whole notion is a scheme to draw advert budgets from TV, Radio, Cinema, Print, Billboards and simple images + link on websites to Google's or Facebook's advertising platform.

Obviously Google and Facebook think it works (and Amazon to an extent), or hope that it will work better later. See also myths about Big Data, Machine Learning and AI.


From the start Facebook and Google's financial model is advertising. The illegal tracking and data gathering is supposed to improve it. MS thinks it's smart to copy Google and Adobe. Hence Win10 & Office 365. They are being investigated.

It's been obvious for a while that Facebook will sell not just adverts based on the data but the data also. I don't think Adobe (ePubs with DRM etc), Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft are selling data to 3rd parties, however their collection whatever the usage is also wrong.

This isn't a fresh revelation, just more evidence.

Mage Silver badge


Hasn't this always been the model?

That's hardly news or a surprise! They make money by claiming their adverts are better than TV, radio, paper & billboards because they are targeted using illegally gathered personal information. Even people browsing websites with [F] button who are not members.

Advertisers believe it, though the whole concept that targeting adverts make much difference might be fake snake-oil. I've bought a Laser printer or a toilet seat. Why would I want another?

There is a simple remedy which will not stop sites making money from advertising. Ban collection of user behaviour and data (actually in many ways illegal in EU 12 years ago, not just GDPR) AND ban targeted ads, ban 3rd party scripts and adverts with scripts. An image that is the same for EVERYONE with a link. Anything else is abuse.

Space policy boffin: Blighty can't just ctrl-C, ctrl-V plans for Galileo into its Brexit satellite

Mage Silver badge

Re: defense applications, ... a GPS guided munition down a bunker.

Any decent weapon needs now to have maps, inertial navigation, camera to recognise terrain, number plates (all on various models of drones & cruise missiles).

GPS guided is no use now as it can be jammed or spoofed.

If if can only be jammed today, it will be spoofed later. c.f. breaking of DRM.

All satellites will be destroyed early in any truly global conflict by laser, missiles etc.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Road pricing can be done many ways

The simplest is to abolish all tolls (30% is wasted paying for collection). Abolish the (virtual) Tax Disc and simply increase fuel duties.

Should be done Europe wide (Oh dear!).

Then there can be an element of pay as go, penalty on inefficient or heavy use and carbon tax.

Note electricity and other "cleanish" methods of powering vehicles WILL need to be taxed, at a rising rate as they are adopted.

Using a Global navigation system to collect tolls is nuts and an invasion of privacy.

Three no Trump: China says it's 'open' to giving Qualcomm-NXP wedding its blessing

Mage Silver badge

Qualcomm to acquire Dutch semiconductor maker NXP

Of course such a grab of IP and extinguishing of existing expertise (whatever was left after Philips spun it off) and competition.

I can't write my opinion of Qualcomm. However US regulators don't care about consumers, OEM customers, competition, long term development. Only about making big US companies bigger and more dominant.

Mystery sign-poster pities the fool who would litter the UK's West Midlands

Mage Silver badge


Here in Ireland the abolishing of "free" Council operated waste collection has resulted in:

1) Massive increase in Fly-tipping

2) Multiple (up to 6 in some areas) waste trucks visiting the street.

3) Massive bins and smells as collection is at BEST once a fortnight instead of weekly, and sometimes they "miss" and you have a month!

4) Tipped & stolen bins because of the (illegal in some areas) insistence that Bins must be left out the night before.


Also in my youth all bottles were returnable glass and all take out packaging was paper or card. Few shop sold foods had plastic packaging.

Put a BIG tax on plastic (because it's cheaper than card / paper), a big tax on ALL oil / gas / coal / briquettes, not just retail fuel. Ban single use plastic packaging that can't be easily recycled.

Incentive to use returnable & reusable packages.

Partly Thacherism/Reaganomics are to blame. Some things should be privatised, but not things best as a single entity. The solution is independent regulation, not privatisation, for rail, refuse, water, electriciy network, phone / mobile / data networks etc.

Also abolish "road tax" and especially Tolls (inefficient), simply increase the fuel duty, then the less efficient & higher users pay more.

Forget DeepFakes. This robo-Rembrandt with AI for brains is not bad at knocking off paintings

Mage Silver badge

This is not AI

Obviously they call it "AI" because of fashion.

Neural networks (in computer terms) also still have nothing much in common with biological neural networks.

I'm not much impressed with this idea whatever they call it.

'Massage parlour' location looks like Amazon stealth-testing secret new wireless network

Mage Silver badge

FCC captured

It would make more sense for it to be ISM, like WiFi band. Make it illegal for Mobile operators to use it or WiFi. FCC greed & Mobile Greed.

Femto cells on MOBILE bands are fine indoors. More masts is the solution outdoors. Not more spectrum to be poorly managed.

Consultant misreads advice, ends up on a 200km journey to the Exchange expert

Mage Silver badge

Re: Ringing Doorbell

"click the doorbell or do you press it?

I usually ring it :p"

Ringing works if button or chain operated.

You can only press the button for a doorbell.

Mage Silver badge

Re: shorthand for "click the

"You select YES, you don't click on YES.

"Click on YES" is shorthand for "click the (primary) mouse"

Indeed! "select Yes" would be Tab / reverse Tab or arrow navigation to select the "yes" button, that then could be executed by pressing Enter/Return key

Mage Silver badge

Re: computer devices had horrible artificial "click"s

None I've had in 40 years had any sort of "artificial clicks." Some decent keyboards had a faint mechanical click. You COULD turn on an artificial keyboard "click" on some BIOSes, but I never knew anyone that did and I knew plenty of people that had used typewriters and still used them in parallel up till start of 21st C for specialist tasks.

Mage Silver badge

Re: "click" with the sound the mouse makes...

Also my mouse (pointing pebble a better name?) has a tactile click on the buttons or wheel press, none have ever made an audible click. The so called "haptic" feedback on phone virtual button presses is useless, nor has any phone had a decent click sound. Some manage the DTMF tones on keypad.

Mage Silver badge

Re: "click" with the sound the mouse makes...

"click" with the sound the mouse makes when they press the virtual button on the screen.

My mouse click has never in over 30 years of using GUIs resulted in a sound effect when using "virtual buttons". They USED to invert the left & top with bottom & right to visually indicate clicked or held down. Sadly mostly the now don't. "FLAT" is stupid.

Mage Silver badge
Paris Hilton

Re: I hate the expression "click this"

I also hate "Tap", strangely now often used on instructions for Windows or Linux.

Tech bosses talk kids' books! Could they show a glimmer of humanity? You only get one guess

Mage Silver badge

So ...

Obviously they are all lizards and also have not grown up?

Mine has an eReader in the pocket with all the children's & YA classics, such as E.Nesbit, George Macdonald, Lousia M. Alcott, Conan Doyle, Edgar Rice Burroughs, R.L. Stevenson. Also more adult ones; Wilkie Collins, J. Conrad, Austin, the various Brontë sisters and many others.

Even Einstein allegedly said we need Fairy Stories. These people either don't actually read real fiction at all, or won't admit it.

I've newer kids & YA books on paper, both ones read from age 10 to newest ones read when my Grandchildren are reading.

Mobile networks are killing Wi-Fi for speed around the world

Mage Silver badge

Re: The report also says...

Yes, let's have fibre to the premises and then Mobile will be x2 to x5 faster for those users that actually are not in a premises compared to today.

Mobile is SHARED spectrum and is massively slower when it has users that could be using WiFi connected to VDSL, Fibre, Cable (HFC). Let's not have fake comparisons with a WiFi point on the end of 3km of aluminium twisted pair in Milton Keynes!

Mage Silver badge


Most of what I do is on the laptop. It, server, laser printer/scanner etc are all on 1Gbps ethernet.

My broadband is only about 20Mbps down 2 Mbps up, but that has NO discernable cap and is always on and never slower. Mobile can even fail to connect.

This compares Mobile with Fixed Wireless (FWA). Fibre, Cable and DSL < 1km distance are all superior to fixed wireless that beats Mobile. Done in 2005!

So only mentions 4G later.

Proven to be still true 13 years later!

Even DSL that only only manages 3Mbps is on average better than 3G, 4G or 5G.

WiFi can be 2Mbps to 250Mbps depending on range, number of clients, equipment etc. Not all network needs on WiFi use the Internet either, which is limited by the ISP final connection.

The claims in the article are balderdash.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Cost!

I have data permanently off on my phone.

I use WiFi on it (late when laptop shut down) or if relative / friend /office.

That's free.

Also 10 to 50 times faster.

The peak speed of a cell is not the speed users get in busy periods in an economically used mast.

Ofcom are a lobbyist for mobile companies (see their submission about roaming charges during consultation) and like Comreg get most of their income from Mobile operators. It's nonsense.

Mage Silver badge

This is arrant nonsense

See title.

Oh, I wish it could be Black Friday every day-aayyy, when the wallets start jingling but it's still a week till we're paiii-iid

Mage Silver badge

"TV sets built in 2006"

Ireland uses DVB-T only, no DVB-T2 for HD, but even SD uses the MPEG4 / H264 + MHEG5

We were still getting UK market models AFTER Analogue switch off in 2012. I think some UK owned chains STILL selling models that ONLY work via HDMI and SCART etc.

Don't get me started on Tesco's "HD Ready" Techika models either. "HD Ready" = Inferior panels that can display the HD input on HDMI, downsampled.

So no a 2006 TV is a seriously bad idea.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Black Friday ?

Carphone warehouse (a long past its sell by date name) has had a "black tag" sale for ages.

Curiously it's usually empty, while there is often a queue at the mobile phone booth in Tesco. The same Mall has Vodafone, Three and Eir shops, mostly busier than CPW, but less busy than the Tesco booth.

Yet again Which? is warning that the deals are often bogus or for things you shouldn't buy. Perhaps Dabsy's timely warning should have been LAST week, though Cyber Monday (the worst day of the year to buy online) is not yet arrived.

Mage Silver badge

Crap's Chocolate?

"L'article « Crap's chocolate » n'existe pas sur ce wiki !

Vous souhaitez le créer ? Vérifiez auparavant que le sujet n'a pas déjà été traité dans les résultats ci-dessous, puis assurez-vous qu'il est admissible dans l'encyclopédie.

Pour créer « Crap's chocolate », suivez le guide !"

Technical foul: Amazon suffers data snafu days before Black Friday, emails world+dog

Mage Silver badge

Dodgy procedures

If you have someone's Amazon Kindle Serial number you can report it "missing" or "stolen". They will brick it in sense of blocking connection or registration.

They will not unblock if you "find" it.

They will do it without proof that it's actually the owner reporting it.

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