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No such thing as off-topic

encrypted email

1 posts, Latest by psychonaut at Thursday 15th November 2018 21:00 GMT

Terminology and Marketing

1 posts, Latest by sorry, what? at Tuesday 6th November 2018 09:14 GMT

123-reg HTTPS fail

1 posts, Latest by Kev K at Wednesday 19th September 2018 14:52 GMT

Door entry keypads -- top row bias

2 posts, Latest by onefang at Friday 31st August 2018 07:54 GMT

Brisbane gets a new erection, a giant woody.

1 posts, Latest by onefang at Friday 31st August 2018 07:49 GMT

Who is your favourite world leader?

6 posts, Latest by Chronos at Monday 27th August 2018 14:00 GMT

Gmail ‘verification’

1 posts, Latest by WolfFan at Saturday 11th August 2018 14:51 GMT

Is it just me, or is there a real problem here?

1 posts, Latest by Data Mangler at Thursday 9th August 2018 10:20 GMT

Laptop scrapping

2 posts, Latest by Waseem Alkurdi at Wednesday 18th July 2018 14:16 GMT

Do dishwashers really blunt knives

77 posts, Latest by dzlegac at Saturday 28th April 2018 16:01 GMT

That alert sound on Silicon Valley on gilfoyle's bitcoin miner

2 posts, Latest by Dan 55 at Wednesday 25th April 2018 11:37 GMT

Who, me? - Search

3 posts, Latest by steviebuk at Monday 23rd April 2018 12:42 GMT

BBC have different rules to everyone else

1 posts, Latest by TDog at Thursday 15th March 2018 03:23 GMT

Jokes of no more than 2 lines

154 posts, Latest by ellemorgan at Friday 2nd March 2018 11:37 GMT

Money Saving Expert

1 posts, Latest by Martin 47 at Wednesday 14th February 2018 08:38 GMT

Can anyone see a resemblance?

1 posts, Latest by Queeg at Thursday 8th February 2018 01:26 GMT

Elsewhere in the media

2 posts, Latest by diodesign at Monday 29th January 2018 19:52 GMT

An idle moment is dangerous - how many post responses mention "sprouts"?

2 posts, Latest by jake at Friday 26th January 2018 17:42 GMT

Thee really is a Ministry of Truth...

1 posts, Latest by Queeg at Tuesday 23rd January 2018 19:22 GMT

Emergency Systems Going Off in Hawaii & Japan - Hacks?

3 posts, Latest by jake at Tuesday 23rd January 2018 10:03 GMT

[FAKE] NHS to upgrade from Speccies to Commodore 64's

1 posts, Latest by Anonymous South African Coward at Saturday 20th January 2018 15:22 GMT

Instagram spam - what the fuck???? I'm not a user!

12 posts, Latest by SilentNoise at Monday 15th January 2018 11:18 GMT

Does anyone drive a Toyota RAV4? Need some reviews

1 posts, Latest by DidierAubin87 at Friday 29th December 2017 08:28 GMT

Anybody know of a UNIGRAM.X archive?

7 posts, Latest by Peter Gathercole at Monday 4th December 2017 10:19 GMT

Lenovo refuses warranty repair - what are my options?

5 posts, Latest by at Friday 1st December 2017 18:13 GMT

Itanic was sunk before launch - by Alpha compiler

2 posts, Latest by jake at Wednesday 8th November 2017 02:14 GMT

If the worst should happen?

1 posts, Latest by Cripes Chief! at Monday 9th October 2017 14:26 GMT

The Internet of Things is notoriously insecure?

2 posts, Latest by austin81 at Saturday 7th October 2017 20:43 GMT

Dogs fall ill after eating shop's chocolate freebie

1 posts, Latest by Ken Moorhouse at Wednesday 27th September 2017 19:32 GMT

What happened to my Silver Badge

9 posts, Latest by Ken Moorhouse at Monday 25th September 2017 06:10 GMT

El Reg on the Beeb

1 posts, Latest by Ken Moorhouse at Monday 25th September 2017 05:56 GMT

BBC technical article ..

1 posts, Latest by Walter Bishop at Friday 22nd September 2017 06:42 GMT

Linux for weirdos ..

4 posts, Latest by Oh Homer at Wednesday 30th August 2017 19:42 GMT

Geek's Map To Britain

4 posts, Latest by gypsythief at Saturday 29th July 2017 20:44 GMT

Fewer Frickin' Lasers

1 posts, Latest by Christoph at Thursday 20th July 2017 13:26 GMT

Google Groups vs Usenet

3 posts, Latest by MerseyMal at Friday 14th July 2017 11:15 GMT

Microsoft was too slow in moving to a hardware company, says Steve Ballmer

1 posts, Latest by Walter Bishop at Thursday 1st June 2017 09:39 GMT


1 posts, Latest by Baldy50 at Thursday 27th April 2017 11:15 GMT

Declaring war on Powerpoint?

5 posts, Latest by Toni the terrible at Tuesday 18th April 2017 16:33 GMT

Vultures Wiith Lasers!

1 posts, Latest by Black Rat at Monday 20th March 2017 16:51 GMT

All comments deleted/rejected and closed...

1 posts, Latest by TonyJ at Monday 20th March 2017 16:43 GMT

Jim Kubicek Cumming Forsythe Chamber of Commerce

2 posts, Latest by jake at Wednesday 15th March 2017 23:07 GMT

i saw this, and thought of el reg

8 posts, Latest by Baldy50 at Saturday 11th March 2017 14:52 GMT

'He's taking the piss'

12 posts, Latest by Baldy50 at Wednesday 8th February 2017 09:55 GMT

WTH Nvidia

2 posts, Latest by steve-b at Monday 6th February 2017 09:16 GMT

London Ambulance Service hit by 'computer system crash' on New Year's Eve

2 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Monday 2nd January 2017 18:18 GMT

Happy new year.

2 posts, Latest by allthecoolshortnamesweretaken at Saturday 31st December 2016 18:26 GMT

Has the British Library started scraping this site?

1 posts, Latest by Vimes at Monday 12th December 2016 11:47 GMT

Windows 10 Ad Hell

1 posts, Latest by WolfFan at Thursday 1st December 2016 18:27 GMT

willing victims

1 posts, Latest by Robert E A Harvey at Wednesday 30th November 2016 13:20 GMT


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