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Automate, Rinse, Repeat

GitLab gets it, grabs $100m to become $1bn firm

5 posts, Latest by Ogi at Saturday 22nd September 2018 10:24 GMT

Kick-Kaas: NetApp gobbles cloudy Kubernetes upstart StackPointCloud

1 posts, Latest by WYSIWYG650 at Tuesday 18th September 2018 19:29 GMT

NPM not tied in knots over Yarn rival project

14 posts, Latest by Big John at Thursday 20th September 2018 01:44 GMT

Microsoft adds Windows module support to PowerShell Core while Amazon unleashes it on Lambda

21 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 21st September 2018 09:22 GMT

How have the BBC, Rovio and more put serverless to work?

1 posts, Latest by Christian Berger at Friday 14th September 2018 13:57 GMT

Visual Studio Team Services squeezes into new Azure DevOps togs

4 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 11th September 2018 09:52 GMT

Soft eng salaries soar by 25 per cent – and, oh yes, devops is best paid for non-boss techies

29 posts, Latest by A K Stiles at Wednesday 12th September 2018 07:35 GMT

Google sets Kubernetes free with $9m in its pocket for expenses

4 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 30th August 2018 21:48 GMT

Event warning... Serverless Computing London early bird offer about to expire

4 posts, Latest by Pete4000uk at Thursday 30th August 2018 17:40 GMT

Your Twitter app stopped working? Here's why

29 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 23rd August 2018 15:34 GMT

Here's a fab idea: Get crypto libs to warn devs when they screw up

17 posts, Latest by JohnFen at Wednesday 15th August 2018 15:39 GMT

Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service mucked my cluster!

11 posts, Latest by Disgruntled of TW at Friday 31st August 2018 08:01 GMT

MessageBird, Twilio tout low-code tools for DIY comms app plumbing

10 posts, Latest by onefang at Tuesday 7th August 2018 00:24 GMT

Only a day late and a dollar short, Google: Now its cloud cozies up to Microsoft's GitHub

9 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 27th July 2018 21:05 GMT

Facebook's React Native web tech not loved by native mobile devs

27 posts, Latest by stephanh at Saturday 28th July 2018 15:53 GMT

Hooray: Google App Engine finally ready for Python 3 (and PHP 7.2)

15 posts, Latest by DCFusor at Tuesday 31st July 2018 21:02 GMT

Pop that in the container, would you? HPE performs 3PAR array brain transplant

7 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 27th July 2018 06:49 GMT

Whisk-y business: How Apache OpenWhisk hole left IBM Cloud Functions at risk of hijacking

3 posts, Latest by veti at Wednesday 25th July 2018 01:45 GMT

Acquisition Galvanize'd: Code bootcamp Hack Reactor eyed up by hungry tech trainers

3 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 20th July 2018 14:36 GMT

Devs: This is another fine Mesh you've got us into, Microsoft

7 posts, Latest by Dagg at Monday 23rd July 2018 07:10 GMT

Python creator Guido van Rossum sys.exit()s as language overlord

140 posts, Latest by FeRDNYC at Wednesday 12th September 2018 19:09 GMT

OK, so they sometimes push out insecure stuff, but software devs need our love and respect

17 posts, Latest by FlamingDeath at Wednesday 11th July 2018 00:53 GMT

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it

170 posts, Latest by dajames at Monday 9th July 2018 11:53 GMT

Azure storage adds static HTML website hosting

2 posts, Latest by MatthewSt at Saturday 30th June 2018 19:33 GMT

Google Cloud CEO admits: Yeah, we wanted GitHub too. Whatevs

25 posts, Latest by CRConrad at Friday 31st August 2018 07:12 GMT

New Python update slithers into release

11 posts, Latest by Dave559 at Friday 29th June 2018 15:47 GMT

Puppet is a poppet in the eyes of DevOps cash injectors: Automation upstart bags extra $42m

7 posts, Latest by Macka at Thursday 19th July 2018 04:10 GMT

K8s awaits due date for latest, greatest slate: Extension versioning will reach beta, mates

4 posts, Latest by blondie101 at Wednesday 27th June 2018 11:10 GMT

Serverless Computing London: Agenda is live

4 posts, Latest by kloczek the iOS6 user at Wednesday 27th June 2018 08:16 GMT

Facebook floats BOLT to jolt code out of bit bloat

3 posts, Latest by RobertsonCR7 at Thursday 21st June 2018 17:11 GMT

Splunk acquires VictorOps to take it – and you – into site reliability engineering

1 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 19th June 2018 09:00 GMT

Hortonworks Data Platform update flicks on containerisation

2 posts, Latest by Jack of Shadows at Monday 18th June 2018 23:55 GMT

What can you do when the pup of programming becomes the black dog of burnout? Dude, leave

80 posts, Latest by Dave559 at Wednesday 20th June 2018 13:17 GMT

Contain yourselves: Kubernetes for Azure unleashed on world+dog

4 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 15th June 2018 22:12 GMT

Docker Hub security dissed, dodgy container image data damned

3 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Sunday 17th June 2018 17:18 GMT

Docker seeks Golden State burnish for cloud container expansion

4 posts, Latest by RobertsonCR7 at Thursday 21st June 2018 19:34 GMT

Hacked serverless functions are a crypto-gold mine for miscreants

8 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Wednesday 6th June 2018 14:03 GMT

Missed our Continuous Lifecycle conference? Relive it in video

1 posts, Latest by Doctor Syntax at Monday 4th June 2018 23:52 GMT

Is Microsoft about to git-merge with GitHub? Rumors suggest: Yes

129 posts, Latest by Pascal Monett at Tuesday 12th June 2018 19:53 GMT

Storm in a teapot: Anger brews over npm's jokey proxy error messages

34 posts, Latest by sureshkumar at Monday 2nd July 2018 09:31 GMT

VM-container chimera Kata Containers emerges from lab

3 posts, Latest by kryptylomese at Wednesday 23rd May 2018 11:38 GMT

OpenStack makes Zuul continuous delivery tool its second indie project

2 posts, Latest by Jim Mitchell at Tuesday 22nd May 2018 14:42 GMT

No root for you, or how to stop worrying and love AWS China

9 posts, Latest by whitepines at Sunday 20th May 2018 22:51 GMT

Git push origin undo-my-last-disaster

22 posts, Latest by errordeveloper at Friday 25th May 2018 09:20 GMT

Agile development exposed as techie superstition

83 posts, Latest by Steve Kellett at Wednesday 30th May 2018 10:45 GMT

Serverless continuous deployment for the AWS crowd: Feeding time in Lambda-land

3 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 17th May 2018 13:15 GMT

Hey cool, you went serverless. Now you just have to worry about all those stale functions

28 posts, Latest by Mike 137 at Wednesday 16th May 2018 09:37 GMT

You're in charge of change, and now you need to talk about DevOps hater Robin

41 posts, Latest by Fokko ukena at Saturday 26th May 2018 11:14 GMT

Orchestral manoeuvres in the Docker: A noob's guide to microservices

12 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 15th May 2018 06:55 GMT

You love Systemd – you just don't know it yet, wink Red Hat bods

144 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 12th July 2018 15:51 GMT


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