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HP vs. Dell vs. IBM vs. Sunacle vs Reg Club

Russian computer failure on ISS is nothing to worry about – they're just going to turn it off and on again

58 posts, Latest by Killing Time at Thursday 8th November 2018 21:43 GMT

DBA drifts into legend after inventive server convo leaves colleagues fearing for their lives

57 posts, Latest by hopkinse at Wednesday 7th November 2018 12:15 GMT

Intel peddles latest Xeon CPUs – E-series and 48-core Cascade Lake AP – to soothe epyc mygrayne

18 posts, Latest by devTrail at Tuesday 6th November 2018 18:06 GMT

If you want to rent AMD Epyc bare-metal boxes in the cloud, Oracle hopes you see red

4 posts, Latest by Fenton at Wednesday 24th October 2018 15:10 GMT

Our processor tech's got legs, says Arm: 'One million' data center servers will ship in 2018

3 posts, Latest by Nate Amsden at Thursday 18th October 2018 22:14 GMT

Oracle? On my server? I must have been hacked! *Penny drops* Oh sh-

103 posts, Latest by fix72 at Monday 26th November 2018 09:10 GMT

Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials

90 posts, Latest by Conundrum1885 at Thursday 11th October 2018 07:12 GMT

DB dev waggles GPU-dosed POWER9 server at data warehouse crowd, yells: SQream

4 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 5th October 2018 13:09 GMT

Linux, HCI and more, all from the new release of Windows Server 2019

5 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Sunday 2nd December 2018 21:06 GMT

Hitachi Vantara brain dump: IoT, servers, containers and self-regulating data centres

3 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 27th September 2018 18:29 GMT

Dell in-houses production, dumps Celestica in Ireland

1 posts, Latest by Kev99 at Thursday 20th September 2018 22:46 GMT

Watt the heck is this? A 32-core 3.3GHz Arm server CPU shipping? Yes, says Ampere

62 posts, Latest by -tim at Monday 24th September 2018 13:39 GMT

A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds

169 posts, Latest by Michael Wojcik at Wednesday 12th September 2018 16:32 GMT

You've been served: Market rakes in $22bn, Dell does rather well – IDC

9 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Sunday 16th September 2018 10:07 GMT

A third of London boroughs 'fess to running unsupported server software

58 posts, Latest by GruntyMcPugh at Tuesday 28th August 2018 09:16 GMT

Apple tipped to revive forgotten Macbook Air and Mac mini – report

46 posts, Latest by doublelayer at Tuesday 30th October 2018 21:19 GMT

Techie's test lab lands him in hot water with top tech news site

49 posts, Latest by Zippy´s Sausage Factory at Wednesday 22nd August 2018 14:27 GMT

Boss regrets pointing finger at chilled out techie who finished upgrade early

149 posts, Latest by The Vociferous Time Waster at Sunday 25th November 2018 18:47 GMT

Phased out: IT architect plugs hole in clean-freak admin's wiring design

152 posts, Latest by The Oncoming Scorn at Monday 13th August 2018 18:09 GMT

Nearly half of IBM's $1bn Aussie framework deal comes from mainframes

24 posts, Latest by Bansisingh at Monday 29th October 2018 07:57 GMT

Intel: Yeah, yeah, 10nm. It's on the todo list. Now, let's talk about AI...

26 posts, Latest by Christian Harten at Saturday 11th August 2018 09:51 GMT

Wait, did you hear that? That rumbling in the distance? Sounds like... a 16-socket IBM Power9 box shuffling this way

19 posts, Latest by dedmonst at Monday 13th August 2018 07:50 GMT

Hmm, there's something fishy about this graph charting AMD's push into Intel's server turf

29 posts, Latest by msroadkill at Wednesday 8th August 2018 15:50 GMT

Es are good, Es are good. Xeon Es are good, says Intel: Entry-level workstation CPUs touted

12 posts, Latest by ntevanza at Wednesday 10th October 2018 07:48 GMT

Heatwave shmeatwave: Brit IT departments cool their racks – explicit pics

117 posts, Latest by prodromos65 at Sunday 19th August 2018 23:39 GMT

AAAAAAAAAA! You'll scream when you see how easy it is to pwn unpatched HPE servers

38 posts, Latest by disgustedoftunbridgewells at Thursday 19th July 2018 10:21 GMT

Disk firmware can kill a whole cluster how exactly? Cisco explains

23 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 6th July 2018 14:29 GMT

Hyperconverged hype train is going hard: Kit sales up 76% to $1.23bn

4 posts, Latest by Hard Will at Tuesday 31st July 2018 19:21 GMT

Air Force Won: Nutanix lands $45m deal to ply US flyboys with hyperconverged kit

5 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 28th June 2018 03:34 GMT

New Windows Server preview ships with an AI crystal ball

9 posts, Latest by ColonelClaw at Monday 25th June 2018 10:50 GMT

Huawei unveils bigger iron KunLun server at CeBIT

9 posts, Latest by linchen0950 at Friday 15th June 2018 14:44 GMT

White box server makers flounder BUT big brands shine

7 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 12th June 2018 16:53 GMT

It's good to be the king: Dell gives HPE hell at top of server charts

5 posts, Latest by Benage at Tuesday 5th June 2018 12:21 GMT

Cisco turns to AMD Epyc for the first time in new UCS model

8 posts, Latest by iPhonePhan at Monday 4th June 2018 08:12 GMT

Industry whispers: Qualcomm mulls Arm server processor exit

44 posts, Latest by xosevp at Monday 9th July 2018 11:26 GMT

Broadcom's Arm server chip lives – as Cavium's two-socket ThunderX2

6 posts, Latest by annodomini2 at Wednesday 9th May 2018 07:22 GMT

Microsoft's most popular SQL Server product of all time runs on Linux

59 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 10th May 2018 08:12 GMT

Supermicro serves up another foggy quarterly report

2 posts, Latest by Grikath at Friday 4th May 2018 20:49 GMT

Cray snuggles up with AMD: Clustered super CS500 lets in Epyc chip

5 posts, Latest by Korev at Thursday 19th April 2018 12:27 GMT

It's US Tax Day, so of course the IRS's servers have taken a swan dive

36 posts, Latest by Mark 85 at Wednesday 18th April 2018 21:36 GMT

Honey, I shrunk the mainframe: Fujitsu freshens up GS21 kit

16 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 19th April 2018 16:22 GMT

Slicker servers, heaving racks, NVMe invasion: It's been a big week in serverland

4 posts, Latest by elip at Monday 16th April 2018 19:25 GMT

IBM swings shrink ray from workforce to mainframes

33 posts, Latest by mako23 at Wednesday 13th June 2018 23:30 GMT

Sysadmin shut down the wrong server, and with it all European operations

81 posts, Latest by usariocalve at Monday 16th April 2018 11:01 GMT

Looking to nab Nvidia's GeForce chips? You need cash and patience

17 posts, Latest by PaulR79 at Wednesday 25th April 2018 05:01 GMT

SUSE bakes a Raspberry Pi-powered GNU/Linux Enterprise Server

19 posts, Latest by onefang at Monday 2nd April 2018 13:19 GMT

Windows Server 2019 coming next year and the price is going up

71 posts, Latest by avensis18 at Tuesday 10th April 2018 20:06 GMT

Supermicro praying for Nasdaq time

1 posts, Latest by Ken Moorhouse at Wednesday 14th March 2018 19:26 GMT

Server sales dead? No sir, not in Q4

10 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Monday 12th March 2018 12:33 GMT

Copper feel, fibre it ain't: Ads regulator could face court for playing hard and fast with definitions

76 posts, Latest by Tom -1 at Tuesday 17th July 2018 23:31 GMT


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