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Hot off the virtual presses

Dixons Carphone smarting from £440m loss as it writes down goodwill on mobile biz

23 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Wednesday 12th December 2018 16:51 GMT

UKFast mulls putting IPO on ice due to six little letters: BREXIT

32 posts, Latest by codejunky at Saturday 1st December 2018 01:05 GMT

Black Friday? Yes, tech vendors might be feeling a bit glum looking at numbers for the UK

82 posts, Latest by Swapmeetpete at Wednesday 28th November 2018 08:38 GMT

Brit tech buys frozen, but CGI can't wait to get integrating all those post-Brexit systems

2 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Thursday 8th November 2018 19:31 GMT

UK computer dealer Aria PC loses £750k VAT fraud appeal attempt in THAT case

20 posts, Latest by Jake Maverick at Saturday 10th November 2018 16:07 GMT

Computacenter shares crash by a fifth as sales shrink... Nope, it's not Brexit

3 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 2nd November 2018 08:06 GMT

Softcat warns of Brexit cloud forming over UK tech, vows: If prices rise, we'll pass them on...

51 posts, Latest by streaky at Monday 22nd October 2018 02:49 GMT

The march of Amazon Business has resellers quaking in their booties

48 posts, Latest by Rol at Tuesday 16th October 2018 17:10 GMT

HP Ink CEO: That $550m Apogee buy was to stop rivals slurping it

6 posts, Latest by I3N at Tuesday 16th October 2018 04:36 GMT

The good news: PC sales went up a little worldwide, say Gartner crystal-ball-gazers

4 posts, Latest by Timmy B at Friday 12th October 2018 12:54 GMT

Phew! Digital ad revenues to save Amazon's business model – analyst

1 posts, Latest by Ledswinger at Thursday 11th October 2018 14:32 GMT

Brit outfit IT Lab snaps up Office 365 and SharePoint pro Content and Code

2 posts, Latest by James 51 at Thursday 4th October 2018 13:28 GMT

Windows 10 transition props up business box revenues in Western Europe

2 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Wednesday 3rd October 2018 02:30 GMT

Euro reseller giant Computacenter gobbles US-based FusionStorm

4 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 2nd October 2018 05:58 GMT

Computacenter goes Dutch, picks up Misco's Netherlands biz

3 posts, Latest by The Godfather at Tuesday 4th September 2018 12:09 GMT

There is still gold to be had in the world of Microsoft resellers

2 posts, Latest by 89724102172714182892114I7551670349743096734346773478647892349863592355648544996312855148587659264921 at Thursday 23rd August 2018 11:37 GMT

Can, can, can you buy it, CANCOM? Brexit's made it cheap(er), man: Firm inks OCSL deal

8 posts, Latest by John Smith 19 at Thursday 16th August 2018 07:22 GMT

HP Ink splashes out on Brit print provider Apogee

12 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 3rd August 2018 07:58 GMT

Distie bosses tuck 7-figure settlement into Cisco's top pocket

18 posts, Latest by oldsteel at Monday 9th July 2018 20:43 GMT

CEO of comms tech biz Daisy splits as sale and IPO talks off the table

3 posts, Latest by Salestard at Monday 25th June 2018 16:24 GMT

HMRC: Aria PC's £2m MSN Messenger deals bonanza was VAT fraud

9 posts, Latest by Jellied Eel at Tuesday 26th June 2018 13:52 GMT

BlackBerry CEO: We need help from the channel to grow

3 posts, Latest by JohnFen at Friday 22nd June 2018 15:29 GMT

Shiny new Capita boss to I know you are but what am I?

18 posts, Latest by steviebuk at Wednesday 20th June 2018 23:23 GMT

Brit reseller Aria PC mounts appeal against £750k taxman VAT fiddle ruling

22 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 22nd May 2018 11:13 GMT

Recycling tech biz bosses get years for VAT fraud, money laundering

12 posts, Latest by Mark 85 at Wednesday 25th April 2018 18:43 GMT

Capita reports pre-tax LOSS of £515m for 2017

51 posts, Latest by Bill M at Wednesday 25th April 2018 12:48 GMT

McDonald's tells Atos to burger off: Da da da da da, we're lobbing IT ...

45 posts, Latest by A Non e-mouse at Wednesday 25th April 2018 05:41 GMT

Brit retailer Currys PC World says sorry for Know How scam

165 posts, Latest by Duffaboy at Wednesday 25th April 2018 05:56 GMT

Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

192 posts, Latest by Private Pyle at Tuesday 29th May 2018 11:38 GMT

Capita screw-ups are the pits! Brit ex-miner pensioners billed for thousands in extra tax

54 posts, Latest by PeterM42 at Wednesday 14th March 2018 13:45 GMT

Fresh docs detail 10-year link between Geek Squad informers and Feds

68 posts, Latest by Gerhard Mack at Tuesday 13th March 2018 12:46 GMT

Trump's tax reforms lift DXC's profit

10 posts, Latest by yogeshsharma at Friday 17th August 2018 08:18 GMT

Crappy Christmas! Dixons Carphone dials back profit expectations

21 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 23rd January 2018 09:42 GMT

Wave Tata, Capita: You've lost mega-contract to rival outsourcer

33 posts, Latest by bonerp at Thursday 14th June 2018 08:54 GMT

US shoppers abandon PC makers in hour of need

63 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 23rd January 2018 05:34 GMT

IT buyer? Had enough of pesky resellers cold calling? You aren't alone

34 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Sunday 10th December 2017 23:41 GMT

DXC Technologies UK boss quits

33 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Friday 9th February 2018 00:46 GMT

Capita appoints back bencher baroness as non exec director

15 posts, Latest by John Brown (no body) at Thursday 7th December 2017 21:49 GMT

Today is your last chance to pick up a piece of channel history

22 posts, Latest by TVU at Friday 1st December 2017 17:46 GMT

UK private sector joins public in... Escape from DXC Max

22 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Tuesday 21st November 2017 09:46 GMT

DXC Tech asks staff to profile their skills

30 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Sunday 26th November 2017 00:43 GMT

Which reseller pleased fatcats today and rhymes with let's mute a centaur?

9 posts, Latest by Mycho at Saturday 28th October 2017 11:23 GMT

DXC: Hands up in customer support – who wants redundo?

25 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Monday 13th August 2018 18:06 GMT

Feel the pension pot burn, Canadian DXCers

10 posts, Latest by Miss Lincolnshire at Wednesday 25th October 2017 12:27 GMT

This is no yolk. Newegg scrambles against rotten shell company claims

20 posts, Latest by DougS at Tuesday 24th October 2017 22:16 GMT

DXC slashes meal allowances for travelling troops: Please sir, may I have some more?

50 posts, Latest by Chairman of the Bored at Monday 23rd October 2017 20:06 GMT

Misco UK chops majority of workforce, pulls down shutters

33 posts, Latest by katrinab at Friday 17th November 2017 22:14 GMT

Future of Misco UK hangs in the balance – sources

39 posts, Latest by TheComputerist at Thursday 19th October 2017 12:03 GMT

Resellers on Surface: Yeah, go ahead and kill it. What do we care...

41 posts, Latest by Destroy All Monsters at Monday 23rd October 2017 08:54 GMT

Microsoft is Putin a stop to Russian-sanctions-busting IT resellers

29 posts, Latest by Anonymous Coward at Monday 16th October 2017 06:03 GMT


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