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MongoDB's Atlas shrugs, with all NoSQL biz's customer growth resting on its shoulders

Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

Most of what's wrong in the world in two words: sales team.


Lol at Ayn Rand reference, but...

...Have you read Atlas Shrugged? I have, it's the most terrible twaddle. Shame its often cited as the second most influential book in the USA of America after The Word of Gaad.

Charlie Clark Silver badge

Re: Lol at Ayn Rand reference, but...

I have, it's the most terrible twaddle.

You have my sympathy! But when has badly written bullshit been a hindrance to becoming a bestseller? Take the Da Vinci Code, for example. Or the shelves of self-help and diet tomes that America seems to thrive on.

Rand's biography (escape from the Soviet Union to found a personality cult in the US) seems to fascinate some. But basically they also provide justification for libertarian and capitalistic excess so I guess this means you'll be off Peter Thiel's Christmas list!

Mine's the one with the signed copy of The Art of the Deal in the pocket…


To the down votes, both of you....

... I'm guessing your both right wing Christian fundamentalists? If you are you might want to check the biography of Ms. Rand on Wakypedia:

If not, then check it out anyway...

Charlie Clark Silver badge

Revenue and operating

Operating losses $29.1m, up 20 per cent year-on-year

Okay, "grew" less than revenue but I still don't like the look of it.


Perhaps said view stems from a lack of ever endeavoring to build an enterprise with your own capital, blood, sweat, tears, and thus merely signing the backside of a paycheck?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Only a pea-brained idiot would pay for MongoDB.

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