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Symantec comes out in swinging in bitter legal battle over security bug audit conspiracy claims

Will Godfrey
Silver badge

No Angels here

I find it difficult to find sympathy for any of them. Maybe NSS is just a little bit further along the extortion road, but that's about it.

A.P. Veening

Re: No Angels here

A curse on both houses.

Pascal Monett
Silver badge

If you say that private tests are private, you don't turn around and publish them

There's a minimum of decency that is supposed to exist between the people who agree to something and that is to stick to what was agreed.

Anybody tries ignoring any part of an agreement with me is going to find a closed door the next time they come knocking.


Re: If you say that private tests are private, you don't turn around and publish them

I typically agree with you, but it's hard to know sometimes if "a minimum of decency" between two parties isn't really "a minimum of corruption". If you want something hidden for corrupt reasons, and I want something exposed for corrupt reasons... well? As stated above, no sympathy for either might be the best default here.

This post has been deleted by its author

Marty McFly

NSS is flawed....

The business model doesn't work when "independent" along with "but you can pay us" are both go-to-market strategies.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Anti-virus only marginally better than a virus I sit and watch the circle spin,

waiting for the PC to respond,

I wonder why

I ever installed

the Anti-Virus ....

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