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Question: How fast is the Windows 10 October 2018 Update rolling out? Answer: Not very


Once bitten....

No surprises here then.... But probably not too much new wisdom either.

DJV Silver badge

Yeah but...

...have they fixed the network drive mapping problems yet? Or is that "minor" annoyance still only scheduled to be clobbered next year?

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Yeah but...

One would susspect that M$ would have a hard time finding a way to milk you for a bit more cash, and would rather you use their niffty OneDrive Clowd Storage, instead.

Pascal Monett Silver badge

"it had seen higher satisfaction ratings and fewer issues than any previous Windows 10 release"

Yep, and it looks like it's going to stay that way for a while yet.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Re: "it had seen higher satisfaction ratings and fewer issues than any previous Windows 10 release"

Yep, a "zero" reported back because no one got it. XD

bombastic bob Silver badge


just sad.

R Valentine

Weirdness with pinging

I have a single PC with v. 1809 for testing and am experiencing one odd issue: I can ping the test PC when it first boots, but after about a minute, the PC stops replying to pings. If I keep a continuous ping from boot-up, the replies are solid. But if I stop pinging for a minute or so, all attempts at pinging result in 'destination host unreachable'. I have all the File and Print Sharing rules enabled/permitted with the exception of Echo Request - ICMPv6 (we don't use IPv6 on our network).

I've searched the Web, but found no other reports.

Mephistro Silver badge

Re: Weirdness with pinging

Just a shot in the dark, but that sounds like two machines fighting for the same IP.

It could also be some interaction with the energy savings options in the network card.

Good luck!

Rob 54

Re: Weirdness with pinging

I had a similar issue on a Lenovo, updated to the latest Intel wifi drivers but the issue remained.

I updated the BIOS and that fixed it, it was a problem with power saving in the NIC, needed updated BIOS to properly support it

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Tried to update

It failed, I gave up, probably for the best!

Paul Shirley

Re: Tried to update

Same here, windows update,, updating from the media downloader or the downloaded ISO, even from a bootable usb all churned away then rolled back. Logs gave no clue, just cutoff midstream. Eventually i got lucky and it told me it failed white installing updates. But didn't manage to log the event.

Yanking the network connection before it to tried dialing home let it finish. Remind me why always connected windows is supposed to be a good idea?

SVV Silver badge

I suspect it's more than 2.8%

It's just that many of the updated machines are now too broken to be able to report back.

David 132 Silver badge

Oh Windows 10, you don't do yourself any favors.

Ironically, just as I was reading this article, my screen flickered black for a moment then came back, and I now have no audio. Windows 10 (1803, not even 1809) has just "helpfully" auto-installed new - faulty - drivers for my graphics & HDMI display audio. I've now spent 10 minutes trying to roll it back, without success. Pardon me for venting my frustration in this comment.

Thanks, Microsoft. $##%@&!

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Re: Oh Windows 10, you don't do yourself any favors.

That's the new Windows policy. You will run their shitty drivers or else!

Broken by deliberate design.

Any sane system would have a method of marking components as 'Do not upgrade'.

but it isn't your computer any longer, it belongs to Microsoft so they get to control what runs on it even if what they decide to run is a POS wrapped in Elephant Poo.

But for some of us, it provides a living, a reason to get out of bed in the morning but TBH, I'd rather kiss anything with an MS label on it goodbye.

J J Carter Silver badge

Bad workmen blaming their tools

Running fine on my Elitebook 840 G3 and homebrew tower PC.

Tigra 07 Silver badge

Re: Bad workmen blaming their tools

Not running at all on my Linux machine. Everything just works as intended...It's almost as though they still test things with actual QA...Like Microsoft used to...


Mephistro Silver badge

Re: Bad workmen blaming their tools

But it turns out that the tools -e.g. Windows 10- are just terrible!

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

If you start with the premise...

That ALL windows updates will bork your computer and proceed from there... then you are on the right track IMHO.

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare should be on people's minds when they decide to let the updater loose. It is not only the 'early bird that catches the worm' that wins the race especially if the worm is full of poison.

you have been warned!

Someone Else Silver badge

Re: If you start with the premise...

Hello Steve-

The comment about "let[ting] the updater loose" is interesting, in that I personally (and I suspect I am not alone) don't know how to contain the updater in the first place. How would one do it?

You know, this forum has a large number of really savvy posters (and a handful of ringers, too...but I digress). I would think that this group should be able to come up with a repeatable process to just shut the damn thing down. If it requires fiddling with a router or personal firewall, fine...just post the instructions (or a link to where such instructions exist). I have two new machines -- on with Win10 Pro and one w/ Win10 Home. The former will be converted to Linux as soon as I find that elusive round tuit. But the latter I need to be up and running, so I need it to be free of the malware that Windows Updates provide.

How can I do that? Please!!


Re: If you start with the premise...

Not used this for awhile, but looking it should work still.

Paul Shirley

Re: If you start with the premise...

Marking your external network interface as a metered connection kills most unexpected updates. Now disableable from network settings, probably the only useful thing in recent updates. Then group policies need hacking.

Someone Else Silver badge

Re: If you start with the premise...

@Paul Shirley-

IIRC, Group policies only apply to Windows Tens (unit) Pro...the crippled home version doesn't allw such things. Is that what you remember, too?

Paul Shirley

Re: If you start with the premise...

I assume few here will be running Home. Even hacking the registry probably can't help Home users.

Michael Habel Silver badge
Big Brother

Whats with all the masochism

When will we as a collective not stand up and, say here, AND NO FURTHER! Its bad enough that they are spying on you. Trying to take control of how you actually use your PC... etc... Make you all a bunch of Science Lab Test Subjects (There will reportedly be Cake!).

But, then deliver Code that if your lucky fails to install, and just robs you blind of your time, and if your unlucky well... The Internet has plenty of stock photos of Cats, doing Caty things....

And, I'm just sitting here going LIKE WHY?!

Suricou Raven

Re: Whats with all the masochism

Yes, and what are you going to do about it? Convince your business full of users who are vaguely aware that 'the round icon is the internet' to use linux? People don't use Windows because they like it, they use it because it's awful but the alternatives are worse.


Re: Whats with all the masochism

My "line in the sand" was Vista. That's when I realised M$ were a bunch of fratboys playing with poorly thought out, but "new" ideas. Instead of standing on the shoulders of giants and improving things. Said goodbye to Windows as the OS on the metal in 2009 and haven't really looked back. Even though I earn my living from .net web sites, can't wait for my CMS of choice to run on .net core so I can ditch the Windows VM and Visual Studio.

As for the alternatives being worse. They're slightly different certainly, and in some ways much better, but I take your point on current office integration. Just needs a bit of investment ;)

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Whats with all the masochism

They are only worse 'cause as you intimated that Commercial vendors seem to have no intrest tomove there, fine. I would bang on about (Cr)Apples' p155t4k3 of BSD, but even this now seems like so much of an after thought from that lot.

So although I had kneejerkingly gave you a downvote to your response. I shall be changing it here directly. As at the end of the day, its the only topic that's keeping M$ aflot for the time being. But, it would be worth noting that Corporates running the very elite edtion known as "Windows 10 Enterprise", which is everything Windows 10 S(pyware) E(dition) should have been from day one. it aint. And, at this point its the Gamerboys' that are using it, and thats 'cause Windows 8 can't do DX12. Anyone else using it just doesn't know any better, or wose yet cares.

Again, like with many a thing, in this world. We're unknowingly sitting on a Powderkeg, and though we find the Fuse to be very, very long, (Liike down the street to the Chemists long.) that Fuse isn't infinite either. As much as I may wish it so. Linux is the OS we need, but don't deserve.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Whats with all the masochism

Honestly, I never understood the hate for Vista... Shame you must have ran it on a Pentium 4HT with like a Gig of DDR1 RAM back in the day or something. Yeah I shure as hell wouldn't call it (i.e. Vista), perfect, by any stretch. Having ran it off a modest sub 2Ghz Core2Duo (IIRC it was 1.67Ghz?), and 2Gigs of DDR2 it ran on that Laptop well enough. Although, having followed along back then I opted to stick with XP longer than I perhaps should have done. If anything having used Mint Linux, for as long as I had, makes my understand why Vista UAC was in hindsight a good thing. If only largely unwelcome back then, if not now on Windows 7/8x/10x.

Paris Hilton


Every other headline in the IT media (not just El Reg) seems to relate to Win 10 / MS failures. I am zoning out. Let me know if ever MS makes something that WORKS. Now that would be news!

Paris, because you don't offer a "yawn" icon.

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