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Edgelord of the Things: HPE waggles its one line to bring them all and on the edge bind them


OT, had to look that one up. Its yet another acronym for something that already works and exists and has done for many years.

Really, big tech needs to stop listening to marketing droids, we have enough acronyms already stop re-branding existing stuff and acting like its new.

Jack of Shadows Silver badge

Oh to be a fly...

... in the offices of all those CIO's explaining to Facilities that they are that CIO's newest reports. I've been on both sides of that and I don't expect the discussion to go well! Two completely different worlds whatever HPE might "believe."


What OT used to be ...

OT used to be somewhat clumsy, but pretty reliable and secure. Contemporary IT is much more agile, but not overly reliable and not at all secure. It would be great if some of OT's positive aspects would flow into IT, at least in critical application areas. But one would not expect this to happen when big IT barns drive the convergence of IT and OT. Bad apples usualy do spoil good apples in the same basket, and very rarely get healed by the good ones ... (;-))

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