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Micron cranks revenue forecast up by $275m amid flash, DRAM boom

Silver badge

FTA: "Demand for flash and DRAM has benefitted all the foundry him a comparatively easy ride revenue-wise at Micron. The real test for his exec team will come when demand wanes. Then we'll see if they have what it takes. ®"

That'll be when they blame the weather, a change in demand from their customers, the refresh rate, a lack of compelling products from smartphone vendors (i.e. their customers), Easter being early/late (its timing is always predictable but it's never considered on time), discounting, &c. IOW all the trite excuses trotted out by the retail sector when things don't hit targets and the guys at the top want to pretend they weren't to blame.

Anonymous Coward

Tell us about what happened to Anand ... the hire for the Storage group ... LOL!


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