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Google Assistant clears its throat, very weird 'machine IQ' tests, new AMD chip – plus more

Anonymous Coward

New Machine IQ Test

Give the machines a fighting chance, pit them against politicians not 6 years old kids.

(Whether politicians count as human beings is a debate I leave open)

Anonymous Coward

Re: New Machine IQ Test

Include my dog there. (He's a smart cookie and I'd wager he could beat the pants off the average politician (he can certainly eat them off!))

Anonymous Coward


Article says that Deepmind was given £40m by Alphabet, but that's actually accounted as turnover for research services, so a minor distinction to make. But what's far more interesting is that near enough the same sum was charged by somebody in the Alphabet group as a "management service fee", so that they put the money in (on paper) and then scooped it all back out again.


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