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Citrix patches Netscaler hole, ARM TrustZone twisted, Android Dirty COW exploited – and more security fails

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"code going after the bank accounts of Brazilian computer users - the first to be found written in Delphi."

Or not. There were viruses written in Delphi back when I was still using the language, and that was 10+ years ago.

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Ten years? Delphi was very popular with Vlads back in the '90s. The first Win16 keylogger I ever decompiled was written in Delphi and exploited NetWare vulnerabilities for replication.

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As I understood Talos report, they wrote it is uncommon for banking trojans being written in Delphi, nothing more. Being one of the few Windows tools that can deliver fully standalone compiled executables, and easy to learn, it is no surprise it has being used to write malwares - IIRC El Reg shown not long ago a "ransomware toolkit" where the creation utility showed the Delphi 7 application icon (an old version, widely pirated and easy to obtain).

Moreover Brazil is one of the countries where Delphi is still widely used, this and the use of Portuguese point at a local origin.



That's all.



"With Unmetered Mitigation, we’re breaking the industry’s practice of surge pricing when someone comes under attack. It was an easy decision for us because it’s the right thing to do."

In other words, they are big enough now to offer it when competition may be unable to and they've milked the metered mitigation cow to death.


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