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Symantec offloads its certs and web security biz to DigiCert

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Another screw-up by acquisition

2010: Symantec buys Verisign's PKI business for $1.28 billion. Symantec removes the "Secured by Verisign" logo to, OMG, "Secured by Norton" because no consumer has ever had their computer slow to a crawl due to the Norton AV bloatware.

2017: Symantec sells the business for $950 million when it had a yearly revenue of $350 million.Their 34th CEO in the last two years is happy.

Anonymous Coward

Re: Another screw-up by acquisition

Makes sense to sell as now free certs are gathering pace.

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The real question here is...

... will customers of DigiCert have a problem with this? Some of us don't exactly have a good relationship with Symantec...


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