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The drinks are on Juniper: Revenue and profits up in Q2 2017

Silver badge

Interesting contrast between Juniper and Cisco.

Cisco wont 20 years ago with routers.

Juniper win today with switches.

Cisico business is entirely down to a fuckup in the IPv4 header design.

Anonymous Coward

Cisco routers lost to switches in the mid-90's - Cisco was smart enough to realise the mistake and move into switching.

Today, the cloud providers and ASIC makers have won the switching battle - Cisco and Juniper are just watching their markets mature as they win business from competitors while creating more expensive products (i.e. faster) that fewer companies rely on and cheaper competitors take over the lower end market share.

And would you like to expand on the design issues with IPv4? While there are issues, I'm not sure I'd agree that they've brought Cisco success any more than other networking companies.

Bronze badge

Has Juniper ever had a quarter where security sales increased?

We're looking at SRX firewalls, which seem more like routers with a web GUI front end and an IPS in name only. I've gone back through the last few quarters and all I keep reading is how switching is doing great and their security products lost market share again.

A year or so ago they sold off their SSL VPN security product line to Pulse Secure. Do they have any security products anymore other than the SRX's? How do you keep losing market share in the fastest growing segment of the industry for many years, security?


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