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Oracle, Amazon, Google, and Salesforce finally agree on something

Anonymous Coward

Stop half-arsing, abolish IP (Industrial Protectism), state priviledge, corporate monopolies

Most of it is protectionism for corporations, from honest competition, for rentier-ism by 'originator' corporations, not really valid for not-living-fake-persons, and often in conflict with physical property rights!

Also patent offices and associated law/legal estate/services may not by fully paid for by patent fees and business taxes, if not, that will be corrupt socialising of business costs.

If business want trade they should compete on quality, delivery and service, not try to block competition for intangibles and to enable parasitic rentier-ism, which is not only done by Patent Trolls!!!


Apple doesn't want to stop patent trolls?

Hmmm. Why wouldn't Apple want to join the team and end all the frivolous patent litigation?

Silver badge

"Oracle, Amazon, Google, and Salesforce finally agree on something"

That Larry should become less litigious?

Seriously though, this is welcome news because these specialist patent troll firms exist only to hold companies to ransom and extort money from them when they don't actually do anything innovative. In short, they are parasites and some way needs to found to distinguish between legitimate disputes between tech companies and patent troll firms whose claims should be dismissed at an early stage in the legal process.


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