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Google's Larry Page faces four-hour grilling in Waymo-Uber spat

Despite losing its effort to get a hold of Lyft documents, Uber hailed the hearing and its upshot as a victory, claiming that Waymo effectively admitted there was no use of its technology at Uber and was now "resorting to floating conspiracy theories not rooted in fact." ®

Yeah, I didn't quite get the same thing that Uber got from their 'victory'. Uber does like to spin crap, don't they.

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Uber's argument that it needed to see its rival's corporate secrets to determine whether they were actually secrets...

Uber were trying to get hold of a rival's secrets, at a hearing about them (possibly) having obtained another rivals secrets?

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I think I saw this on an episode of Suits.

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"Uber's lawyers' strategy appears to be to tar Google/Waymo with the same brush of dirty tactics they are alleging against Uber."

Mob tactics. Again.


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