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Extreme Networks confirms it's buying Avaya's network biz

Anybody using Avaya switches ? Motorola, now Extreme Wing Wireless is very feature rich and flexible for a competitive price. But Avaya ?

Anonymous Coward

No, they said it was more for VOIP business, Brocade will handle more of the switching business.

Silver badge

The curse of Commodore, sorry I mean Nortel, continues.

Bronze badge

Avaya switching is great, usually half the price of cisco, the stacking and redundancy are better, the managment tools are a lot better and cheaper, oh and the lifetime nextday waranty is free

there new wireless is great, their Identity Engines IAM is excelent (cisco used to use it before avaya purchased it,) their switches out perform most in the pure speeds and feeds, oh and the VPS series fabric switches are excellent, they have run the last couple of winter olympics and are pushing cisco hard for the summer ones too.

I just hope they don't go purple.


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