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Head of's Common Technology Services Iain Patterson steps down

Tony S

"But civil servants are now reported to be renewing hundreds of government contracts with the private sector that were due to expire because they are too busy with Brexit."

I was watching a programme on BBC Parliament yesterday; this point was highlighted several times. The civil servants are still working on the "Great Repeal Bill" and it was indicated that this may need to be followed by another dozen or so pieces of legislation in order to tidy up a number of areas. This will take many years, perhaps even a decade.

In addition, there are numerous treaties and deals that have to be agreed; and it appears that many of the devolved governments are becoming increasingly concerned that they are being kept in the dark about what is happening (or if anything is actually happening at all).

It has also been suggested that the key players in the cabinet are trying to invoke the "royal prerogative" or Henry VIII clause as it is sometimes called, as a way to "fast track" decision making, essentially bypassing parliament, the devolved governments and even some ministers. Not good for democracy and for the future of the country.

Here's a link to the clip; 75 minutes long, and a bit technical in places, but the minister is open, articulate and obviously highly knowledgeable. Well worth watching.


"the minister is open, articulate and obviously highly knowledgeable"

My inner cynic is simply overwhelmed and can't decide which Friday afternoon joke to go for first...

But thank you for the link; I will make the time to watch, as it's genuinely important stuff (and I do know personally a couple of politicians who also fit the brief of open, articulate and knowledgeable. I just wish they all were)

John Smith 19 Gold badge

What a great name for a civil servant.

Cunnington by name

Cunning by nature?

J J Carter Silver badge

Epic Fail

GDS - Yesterday's technology tomorrow. Or possibly the day after.

This post has been deleted by its author


Did anyone else

See the News interview where the Head of the Crime and Intelligence Committee admitted that he was "not a very technical person"? after the Wanna Cry debacle.

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