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Microsoft, Oracle sued: Tech duo accused of trampling DB patents

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... the quest for more money has.



DB = Deutsche Bahn

.. = DataBase

MB isnot MegaBit

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universities are patent trolls now?

I have to wonder about the motivations behind this...

All of these patents apply to storing DNA information, from what I can gather (a generic database is not covered by this). To get a patent, you have to be SPECIFIC about your invention, whether it's a physical device, algorithm, or whatever. In short, a blanket "for loop" patent would be denied on the basis of it being trivial and generic. "Use of a for loop to calculate prime numbers" might be patentable since it's a specific unique usage for a specific application. But patents that are trivially obvious, or 'too generic' or 'too vague' shouldn't be granted, but apparently are granted anyway [I've seen a few].

These trivially obvious, generic, and/or vague patents are the ones the patent trolls EXPLOIT in order to extract money in the form of punitive damages and legal costs.

So after a short amount of overview on this, I'd say the university is IN THE WRONG, unless Micro-shaft and Oracle are *specifically* working on a DNA database and are blatantly violating their patent for some reason...

(which I doubt)


Re: universities are patent trolls now?

"To get a patent, you have to be SPECIFIC about your invention.."

Not in the US you don't.


Again a patent of the type...

... something more or less trivial done with a computer instead of humans?


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