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Seagate dismounts Korean design center, fscks 300 workers

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Poor people

I guess this is inevitable really, with the ride of flash. I imagine that there's not too much demand for for HDD designers any more so I hope Seagate offer them some retraining. Good luck to all involved.

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Re: Poor people

Agreed. I have been caught out twice by big industry shifts. where my employers had to change direction, or in the second case, were too slow to change. Not a nice situation.

At least my skills were transferable and I could quickly move on. I hope they find new jobs.


Re: Poor people

So it seems the MBA principle of expendable employee inventory applies outside the U.S. as well as inside, to include immunity from accountability to that provincial council that was persuaded to cooperate in establishing a 'long term' employment benefit for their region.

One wonders if the Korean cooperation parameters were as inclusive as those in the US, wherein states are encouraged to bid against other states in offering the most attractive inducements for site location, with guarantees of no taxation for years or decades; with no impact fees or consideration asked for new infrastructure burdens (such oddments as highways, schools, civic services, power corridors, housing, etc.) Once the community has made the investment to accommodate the new industry, the industry takes flight in the dark of night.


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