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ZTE laying off 3,000


Not a US trade ban!?

I live in North America, maybe things across the pond are quite different, but ZTE has virtually no presence here. If it isn't Apple or Samsung, there is very little volume here. It's a shame, because HTC Sony and LG have all made some great handsets over the years, but nobody here ever noticed.

Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

Re: Not a US trade ban!?

Their flagship US product is the Axon 7. It has amazing hardware specifications but ZTE has a fetish of breaking perfectly good software for no reason. The phone is a wreck and they'll have a difficult time selling another one.

a_yank_lurker Silver badge


Never heard of them. Not promoted that I have seen in the US that I have seen.

Charlie Clark Silver badge

Re: Who?

Unlike Huawei, ZTE has struggled to break out of the white label market for handsets outside of China. This is probably as much down to its corporate structure as anything else. Then again, given how close it is to the Chinese military, it doesn't really need to worry as its forays into the data centre business illustrate.

Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

"front companies to get around sanctions on Iran"

Are the US the only ones still insisting on this?

Between wild accusations of "violations" of this or that because Iran has a few liters of heavy water too many that they are supposed to get rid of by selling to the US who won't buy because, you know, sanctions....

Voland's right hand Silver badge

Re: "front companies to get around sanctions on Iran"

Ah, do not worry about that. USA is about to score itself the biggest self-goal of the century.

The new strategy of Trump's transition team is that it wants to enforce the agreement strictly. That will be even more fun than trying to repeal it.

It is something the other parties (Iran included) will immediately agree with provided that any disagreement goes to court (f.e. one of the the arbitrage courts regularly hearing state vs state or corp vs state claims). That will be fun to watch. BIG FUN as there is so far a single violator on that agreement and it is not Iran.

Pascal Monett Silver badge

Big fun indeed. I'm going to have to remember to take stock in popcorn companies before the 20th of January - I predict there's going to be one heck of a rise in value !

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Re: "front companies to get around sanctions on Iran"

Iran's order for a large number of Boeing Aircraft will probably fall foul of the new mafia in the White House.

After all even civilian planes can drop bombs can't they? Just open the cabin door and push them out.

So the boeing 737 is now classed as a weapon of war. Can't sell them to those 'towel heads' not can they?

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

Re: "front companies to get around sanctions on Iran"

"Iran has a few liters of heavy water too many that they are supposed to get rid of by selling to the US who won't buy because, you know, sanctions...."

They could just pour it into the nearest large body of water. It won't make any difference to the fishys.

JaitcH Silver badge

The ban was first announced ... after the US found ZTE was using front companies

I do support work on equipment legally sold to the DPRK (North Korea) before the latest (ineffective) sanctions were announced under US sponsorship by the UN, are working here they would be shocked.

If the USA realised just how many hundred of it's citizens, and thousands more from other countries employed by well known international companies.

We travel through gateways not used by tourists, we travel openly and some even have motorcycles with them.

But if you check our passports - nothing! The DPRK issues 'loose' visas that are stapled into the passports - not glued. My cell handset has two SIMS - one that international visitors get to make visitor-visitor and international calls with, the other for talking to other numbers as accessed by ordinary citizens. All traces of travel are removed from the passports.

There are fibre optic cables linking major cities to the 'Cloud' but use and access to web sites is strictly controlled.

So much for US 'bans', just another feel good exercise by Washington.

Denarius Silver badge

perhaps that explains

the vanishing in Oz of ZTE handsets from what could generously be called Telstra "Shops". Hardest place to buy anything if one has specific requirements. Only bought them because ZTE seemed to be last of manufacturers that have external aerial sockets and hardened aka tradies handsets. External aerials are a necessity in a country with a plentiful oversupply of connectivity in 5 cities and sparse coverage everywhere else. Did see a cheapie Android somewhere very briefly with aerial socket but it seems to have vanished also. And no, phone holders that claim to connect to external aerials are not sold in Oz and the few reports I heard were very scathing.

Another example of the blind following of Merkins that collectively deludes the political classes.


Re: perhaps that explains

I'm currently using a Telstra branded ZTE Blade A475, bought about 6 months ago. Mid range specs, good screen, 4GX, does the job, all for A$150.00. Optus sell the same phone for A$99.00. So, they are still around.

The only glitch I have had with the phone was a battery overheat warning a few months ago. A quick reboot and I was good to go. For the price, I have no complaints.

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