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Juniper Networks grabs silicon photonic developer Aurrion

No need to buy a manufacturer

Just stop marking the price of optics up 10 fold


The mark up is more than that. When I first ordered Juniper switches they offered 90% discount to try to dislodge the 3rd party I was buying optics from. They were still more than three times the price.

Juniper are after the manufacturing process so they can shutdown the 3rd parties.

The real joke is, the 3rd parties offer better compatibility. I have a bucket load of Cisco branded optics they don't work with some Cisco switches. 3rd party optics are guaranteed for life, the vendor will reprogram them if they stop working. I can't even buy new Cisco ones, I don't know what I will actually get. The same Cisco part number could turn out to be three different OEMs, only one of which works universally. Incidentally the one working OEM is the one that the 3rd party supplies...


Good luck with that strategy for 10Gbps. All the vendors authenticate the optics to make sure they're genuine.


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