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Oz 'gifted education' program pitching WiFi, vax scare stories


Double standards?

Strange that while the self-proclaimed 'Wise Ones' want to ban WiFi in schools, the same folks list a mobile phone number as their contact number on their home page.

Won't all that mobile phone radiation cause them to become mere mortals like the rest of us?

Boffin for obvious reasons.


Re: Double standards?

"Strange that while the self-proclaimed 'Wise Ones' want to ban WiFi in schools, the same folks list a mobile phone number"

WiFi, and cellular transmissions are not the same. That means "do as we say, not as we do".

If you think that makes sense, then you're looking at the class of retard who can't be helped. Nuke 'em from orbit just to be on the safe side.

Silver badge

How much did they pay?

Oddly enough, reputable groups aren't exactly queuing up to provide educational materials to Victorian schools. Something to do with the budget being pitiful, and being crowded out by people willing to provide stuff for free provided it's not vetted too closely...

And so you get crap.

Inevitable consequence of public tendering with "price" as the deciding factor.


Just FYI, it is the founder of the group who holds these views, not the group itself. It has been a concern for the licencees and teachers who take the genuine educational material into the classrooms that these views were inappropriately expressed on the Wiseones website.

Anonymous Coward

How long...

.. before a gifted child schools them?


Where's my sabot?

While these folk are clearly frootloops, I am tired of the assumption that our kids can't be educated unless they have laptops and Internet access in all lessons. My significant other teaches in a UK state secondary school (11 to 16 year olds) where they issue every student with a laptop. When the IT infrastructure collapses as it does on a regular basis at least half of her colleagues throw the towel in. Sad considering there is a growing body of evidence that removing such distractions from classrooms and lecture halls actually improves learning.

Silver badge

Re: Where's my sabot?

Oh for a thou-au-au-au-au-sand upvotes to-oo give...

Just because the radiation probably doesn't destroy your braincells directly, does not mean that wifi (and indeed television) signals are not a major cause of diminished cognitive abilities and awful academic results.

The brain "prunes" unused bits of brain. If you don't use it, you do indeed, lose it.


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