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Amazon says no to Apple TV

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Besides, there are a lot of lower priced and better options out there than Apple TV. Including Amazon's


Way WAY lower, like my multiple Raspberry Pi2s running XBMC/Kodi with content from a Raspbian NFS/Timeserver. Still, I have some iTunes videos, so I'll be springing for the high-end little devil to be compat with those on the big TV, but my bulk of content is all personal m4v and mp4 goodies. And KUDOS to the team at XBMC for making an OUTSTANDING media center! I shall be giving them some cash later this summer when I catch up to my bills. :) Still don't know why I would need a fifth content provider after; my DVD collection, Hulu, HBOgo, and iTunes. We'll see. I like Amazon, I just have yet to bother with any of their home-made devices or the Prime service yet.

Marty McFly

Bezos, bozos

I really like my Apple TV. It has a better interface and is more reliable than my Roku. However, the Apple TV is now disconnected and sits in the spare parts bin because I cannot take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership with it. I refuse to enter Amazon's camp with the Fire as a result of this corporate bickering.

So Roku it is. Amazon and Apple can both kiss my backside.


Apple doesn't even play nice with Apple

Brought two Apple TV v2 with a couple of iPad Air's (v1), both worked great but EVERYTIME either the tvOS or iOS was updated AirPlay would stop working. Over time upgraded the ATV to v3 and the Air's to v2, guess what? Still the same behaviour. Even Flixster would break on every update, so would be without AirPlay on Flixster for a few weeks.

Seems stupid that Apple couldn't get their own devices talking to each other all the time.

Tried the Firestick, wasn't impressed TBH, so now use NowTV (Roku) boxes, at least they are stable.

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