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ETSI, CableLabs ask telco SDOs to help unscramble the NFV egg

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NFV & Software defined

"Instead of a system like a base station being wrapped up in a piece of hardware, it's turned into software that can run in virtual machines on generic (for example, x86) hardware."

Absolute hype and nonsense. You STILL need the real hardware and networking software everywhere. The "Software Defined" is really just a meta management layer on top to more easily manage a system of networks, edge routers, routers, firewalls, home servers, base stations etc rather than logging into a unique interface on each one separately.


Re: NFV & Software defined

You're confusing NFV and SDN.

NFV is absolutely about replacing expensive proprietary networking kit with commodity hardware. A base station might be a stretch at the moment, but for routers, switches, firewalls, SBCs it's all systems go.


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