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Excellus healthcare hack puts 10m Americans at risk of identity theft

Anonymous Coward

It's Queen time...

Another one bites the dust. :(


Re: It's Queen time...

And here I was thinking the tag line was going to be

"Off with her its head!"


Managers to blame

"Excellus said it was working with the FBI"

Whoops, those idiots can only work with "Future Crimes" they happen to find in Internet chat rooms, like the swiftly averted Massive Polar Bear Attack of 2012!

This is another example of managers saving a buck, at the expense of some helpless customers later on! (Wow! That's just super super sad) Let's do bugger-all about security then we we get hacked and notice it two full years later we can offer the victims some cheap identity checking service and go on about our business of doing the same thing again. And again. And again. 100% it's dopey managers. Most admins I know are security sensible, most managers are into cutting corners and doing it FAST, not well.

Trying to figure out a crime that already happened isn't in the FBI wheelhouse. They are super good with investigating song lyrics though. Top guys when crimes might be hiding in song lyrics!

Silver badge

2015 is bumper crop for personal details market

I wonder how soon we'll have investment portfolios in it ?


Say, I've got a great idea!

Let's connect all these systems together using mandated legislation nobody ever read, voted in by politicians that don't know the difference between an email client and server, and are not able to tell "Classified Top Secret" data from unclassified personal emails, even though it was two separate computer systems, one of which was clearly labeled as a secure network, so the only way to take information off is to manually key it in.

I'd say that no one's that stupid, but, hey, it *is* the law of the land these days.

Silver badge

Um HIPPA is going to nail them

Silver badge

Another week...

...another million personal records hacked.


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