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Cisco, HP, NetApp, SimpliVity and Springpath

Nate Amsden Silver badge

HP not going to partner with NetApp

That new HP storage head that came from NetApp came out and said basically NetApp is dead(long term). He didn't have faith in what they had going over there and believed the HP story more. Specifically referring to being able to provide an end-to-end solution - storage, networking, servers, cloud etc. Hell HP will even finance and build you a data center from the bricks on up(and operate it if you want).

I don't know him myself, didn't feel too excited about meeting him when I saw him at Discover (unlike when I met David Scott). But he did quite a bit of NetApp bashing, more than I would of expected.

NetApp has been in Cisco's arms for quite some time(since Cisco never had a storage story to speak of Whiptail doesn't count), I don't think NetApp wants to get in with HP either because of fear that HP would try to oust them in favor of HP storage.

HP came out last year and said no plans to buy Simplivity, they are quite happy with their Hyperconverged StoreVirtual(+VMware/HyperV/KVM) solution, and are looking forward to having native replication between StoreVirtual and 3PAR(not sure why this is taking so long) to have a more scaled out branch system (e.g. multiple remote Storevirtuals replicating back to larger 3PAR systems).

HP's current line of thinking seems to somewhat mirror mine - Hyperconverged good for low cost, low end systems. For "real" workloads put your stuff on "converged" Proliant + 3PAR(though my personal deployments of HP gear are not "converged"). Maybe that changes in the future(perhaps as hyperconverged matures more, it's still a baby now) who knows.

Crafty volt 7

Cisco to buy SpringPath?

I think it more likely Cisco will buy another startup in the storage space, they already had good looks at Nutanix and Simplivity and more recently SpringPath.

Their failure with Whiptail does leave one wondering why they can't see the leaf from the tree, so to speak...In this particular market segment.

Cisco should just acquire IBM and put all the fish flapping on the sandy shore antics to bed....

Be marvelously entertaining this SpringPath acquisition....what with them jibbing and jabbing with Simplivity about potential partnerships et al.....I do see heads rolling on this one. I wonder if I should corner the world market for guillotines now? GaaS anyone? (Guillotine as a Service).....

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