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Speaking in Tech: Did Philadelphia Eagles’ fans murder HitchBOT?

Anonymous Coward

Fact checking

EMC does not own Pivotal friends.

From Wiki - Pivotal Software is a spin-out and *joint* venture of EMC Corporation and its subsidiary VMware that combined software products, employees, and lines of businesses from the two parent companies.

Comparing this to Oracle acquiring SUN was really flimsy. SUN was totally dead by then. A non-entity whose market was already gone. VMware is still growing, not quickly, but is not shrinking to death.

Anonymous Coward

Re: Fact checking

You my friend are an idiot - you are making a technical difference of which there is no distinction. EMC and VMware (of which EMC owns 80%) are indeed the partners of the joint venture which pretty much makes it an EMC company. It's dressed up as part of "the federation".

You are right about the Sun reference though, it's a bad example.


First, the Eagles fans attacked Santa Claus, now they're going after the toys.


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