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Life in plastic, it's fantastic: Playmobil supremo dies at 81

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Please pass our condolences to our Playmonaut

's water music Silver badge


Expected to see a reconstruction. Are you sure it really happened?

frank ly Silver badge


There aren't many people who can claim to have brought years of fun and pleasure to millions of kids and big kids.

Inventor of the Marmite Laser Silver badge


Or it didn't happen

Anonymous Coward

And it's still appreciated today...

...and unlike LEGO, it's still pretty much the same as ever, updated, but still the same principles.

My youngest daughter loves her Playmobil Car and Caravan set and plays with it almost daily.

wolfetone Silver badge

Will Playmonaught be given special leave to attend the funeral?

Paris Hilton

He'll go far, that one.

"exported 2.2 billion figurines to 70 countries"

And to the edge of space.


If only I'd kept it...

My parents bought me one of the Native American figures in the mid 70s, but I never realised that it was one of the first models that they released.

Anonymous Coward

Re: If only I'd kept it...

I had all three, a couple more and I would of had the Village people.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Big fucking deal

It's not anywhere even close to Lego.

hplasm Silver badge

Re: Big fucking deal

Meh - you're not anywhere close to the icon here.

Michael Habel Silver badge

Re: Big fucking deal

He's probably a sibling of some American Child that choked to death on a McDonald's Happymeal (Playmobil), Toy, back in the '80s...


Re: Big fucking deal

Forgive me for a serious answer to stupid trolling but:

Lego and Playmobil don't work the same way. Playmobil is about "let's pretend" type playing, where they're used to construct stories. My kids sometimes set out epic-scale 'sets' with detailed stories about what everyone is doing.

Lego is more about the pleasure of inventing, building, doing. So there's still the creativity but it's put into creating 'things', not stories.

Completely complimentary, and adapted to different types of children, or the same children for different types of play. In a past age, I would have said that Playmobil is for girls and Lego for boys, but beside the fact that you can't say that stuff any more, it was only ever an approximation.

Anonymous Coward

Re: Big fucking deal

Apart from Lego these days is more like build what it says in the instructions and that's pretty much it.

Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

When I was a kid...

One of my best friends dad was a salesman for Playmobil and his garage was literally stuffed to the rafters with the stuff. The scuba diver was always my favourite, thus mirroring my favourite pastime now I am (almost) all grown up.

Happy memories.

RIP Horst.

earl grey Silver badge

our sincere regrets

to his family and close friends. i didn't know you, but i (and my sprog) know your creations and thank you.

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