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Let's find a better NBN logo


Let's find a better NBN logo

Yesterday we reported on NBN Co's decision to change its name to NBN and pick a new logo.

Which got us thinking. Surely there's a better logo to be had?

So we got our resident Photoshop wizard and security correspondent Darren Pauli to work. We gave him a 30-minute deadline, told him we needed three ideas. And here's what he came up with.

Who could forget this classic?

Here's one for ”Youf”.

And another that reminds us what we're not getting

And here's one with rainbows, but no unicorns.

We're hoping you bring the Unicorns, actually. So we've created a public Flickr group, titled The Reg's Better NBN Logos, into which any Flickr member can upload a logo.

Even YOU.

So get graphical, people. Make a logo, stick it in the group and if we like it we'll send you some Reg schwag.

Keep 'em clean, people: this kind of Goatse-inspired amusement will probably earn trip to the DEL button.

If the Flickr caper is a pain, drop me a line here with a link to your logo.


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