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The elegant, strange and fascinating world of Three Body comes to English readers


Point of clarification?

There appear to be a number of prior translations into English of books by an author of the same name. Is this a different series, a different author whose name appears the same in English, or a failure by the Register contributor to check the background?


Re: Point of clarification?

Perhaps you could clarify this comment yourself, and provide links? Why should El Reg provide links to books by a different author?

The Tor website link (provided in the article) was informative, and there's a Wikipedia article for Liu Cixin, which in turn provides external links for more information on the author.


Re: Point of clarification?

A number of short stories and novellas by Liu Cixin (including masterpieces such as The Wandering Earth, Taking Care of God or Mountain) have already been translated into English and published by Guomi (I am a huge fan of Liu Cixin's work and I interviewed the editor of these stories a couple of years back )

The Three-Body Problem is, though, the first NOVEL by Liu Cixin to be translated into English.



Thanks for the heads-up.

Just read it and it is indeed an interesting, absorbing and thought-provoking book. Hope the rest of the trilogy will be published as well, and soon!


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