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Is ASIO stupid? Or playing stupid to be clever?

Is ASIO stupid? Or playing stupid to be clever?

As we reported last week, Australia's Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is hiring sysadmins.

The ads for the jobs mention the technologies the successful applications will wield.

I wonder if that isn't a cunning misdirection: surely ASIO is smart enough NOT to leak details of its infrastructure to would-be attackers in a job ad.

Our new Australia-based security expert Darren Pauli thinks I'm paranoid: stuff like this happens all the time, he thinks.

What do YOU think? Is ASIO cunningly misdirecting attackers? Or has it leaked information that attackers will enjoy knowing?


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One suspects HR have no clue as to consequences of hardware and software information leakage. After all, that is something those techies do, so not real work or knowledge. The guards at door are security, aren't they ?

Secondly, there is no real choice these days. The vendor lock in of IBM and Notes or M$ running on Windows. Backend servers have the wide choice of Sparc , PowerPC and Intel. running COTS derive packages with language de-joure. Since MS is in mix, that only leaves Intel with linux VMs. Spooks are highly conservative by nature so no ARM stuff unless sneaked in as a research project. So infrastructure knowledge is nearly irrelevant because there is not much choice. Network analysis will tell you anyway.

Given the massive increase in $$$ for spookeries while the rest of the government is cut means Orackle is doing well, hence SQL. Given that SQL is a standard for databases, I cant see that its acknowledgment as a language has any significance. I would be astonished if Hadoop had made it out of the wild idea category. As for off-line stuff why should it be any different? The PHBs will specify what they use elsewhere.

In short, the adds merely display what any inquiring mind would assume, so are of no significance . Whether the PHBs in ASIO understand that is another matter. The biggest illusion is that ASIO know anything that was not passed on by their masters overseas except for a few bits about imported idealists re-exporting their cultural behaviors.


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