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has anyone else noted

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has anyone else noted

that our PM and lackeys have really been putting boot into Snowden lately ? Does this mean more "security vetting" in future for those afflicted by management ? How about we just outsource our government to a small consultancy firm from overseas. Think of the savings !

Also, is job market still as bad as it looks to other local commentards ? I feel unloved now the pimps don't call.


Re: has anyone else noted

I've noticed Abbott putting the boot into the ABC, refugees, union members, dole bludgers, climate scientists, teachers - basically anyone who can't hit back - but I can't say I've noticed Snowden in particular.

But you're spot on about the security vetting - my son seems to be perpetually filling in paperwork for some form of security clearance.


Ha! Security forms = Your own personal Prodcut Disclosure Statement

... without them, the firm (country) can never be safe.

After all, they no longer want YOU. You are only a product now... waiting to be exploited.

What are you complaining about anyway... data collection and abuse 'to identify you'. It's been going on for years. How are you going to stop it, posting on a forum?

1. Organised crime and the people they support cannot exist if everyone can use their methods and tools to stay anonymous. They would have no competitive advantage, so like the AMA or the ABA, they lobby for regulation and imposition to raise the bar against new entrants.

2. Governments & bureaucrats have to do everything reasonably possible to prevent problems or it will be their fault. Privacy and Freedom are not part of our constitution and thus suffer. People have few, if not any real rights in Australia (other than to own land). If we cared, we'd be clamoring for a Bill of Rights or a real Constitution- something- anything, to protect us from 'our elected Governors'.

3. What will the future be like with communities the world over allowing the foundations of democracy to crumble as well as their respect for personal freedom and decency? Not to mention natural resources running out, climate change, etc. ?

It all depends on you...YOU are the product. How will the product be used from now on?


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