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That iPhone 5 review

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That iPhone 5 review


Shame it was missing the troll icon.


iOS 6xx Audio Issues

Hmm, posted a kindly worded, well thought out missive on the Apple Support forum about this and, lo and behold, I was contacted by Apple the very next morning to inform me that my post was deleted...

So here goes on The Register;

I own both 3Gs and a 5 series iPhones, both of which have been upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 - the 3Gs was wiped and loaded from scratch, the 5 was upgraded from 6.0x

Upon final reboot from the iOS 6.1.2 install, both iPhones have now taken on the strange behavior of only running audio from 'some' Apps; neither of the phones have been cracked / jail-broken, all Apps are from Apple's online store.

A quick 'Google' of the iPhone / Audio issue presents thousands upon thousands of posts describing the same issue - "About 158,000,000 results (0.31 seconds)"

Why, aside from random posts on forums worldwide, have none of the big tech-geek sites mentioned the issue? Lacking sound is kinda' important when it comes to audio-based Apps... ya' think?

Ars, Wired, The Register etc. seem to have missed this major iOS issue altogether and Apple has stuck its proverbial head in the sand and pretended that it doesn't exist.

Come on Register, help me make some noise on this major issue!

Andrew D.

diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

Re: iOS 6xx Audio Issues

"Why, aside from random posts on forums worldwide, have none of the big tech-geek sites mentioned the issue?"

It's news to me. Anyone else experienced this problem?


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This post has been deleted by a moderator


You could still get the iPhone 5. Of course it can also use 1G to 3G as well & in some cases it would work faster than it would have otherwise due to the improved radios in the phone for those services.


I phone 5 is a good phone for use. It has many features and a good quality.


Agree with you


Totally agree with you.


iPhone 5 is still a good option, having all those features which other phones are not offering.


I have totally agreed with iphone5's option is still good.

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Stephen Fry outdoes previous garbanzola

I am not sure I can make a user topic, by the time I really need to, I suppose it will be possible.

Sorry for not using proper html, too hard from the phone, but there are rich pickings of conceit in Fry's latest ode to Apple.


iPhone 5 is the best phone for use. The features of iphone 5 is cool. It is very sleek and stylish. It is budget phone with latest feature.


its new to me... overall experience is excellent

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