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Twitter facelifts its homepage

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Looks like...

a) a nice video (I think)

b) the web page gui will look like the iPad app does now in every web browser (bar mobile presumably) - I like that, but hope they've tweaked how the right hand pane works on this redesign as I found it hard to get used to how the right hand pane content is ditched/changed on the iPad app


Feature creep

So, Twitter begins it's transition from one simple idea brilliantly and efficiently executed to a morass of overlapping features, services and complexity. See for further details.

Anonymous Coward

Not really

Facebook has gone from one ripped-off-from-friendster idea not-very-inspiringly executed to a well-considered and regularly-pruned set of features which allow users to enjoy a richer social life and make large parts of the web a better shared experience.

Sorry if you saw apps in the first 3 months and assumed it was just going to get worse from there

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It looks like they've gone back on their RSS authentication requirements too.

My RSS feed reader was full of new Tweets this morning. Which was nice.


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They still haven't fixed the inane content though...

10:32 TwitterUser - I need a #poo

10:35 TwitterUser - I am having a #poo

10:37 TwitterUser - I am wiping up #poo

10:38 TwitterUser - Just examined #poo, bit knobbly, needs fibre.

10:39 OtherTw*t - @TwitterUser - I need a #poo too, and #weewee

10:41 TwitterUser - I just had a #poo, photoblog update at

/coat - mines the one with a bog-roll in the pocket.

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Perfect video

Exactly what I expected. It is 2 minutes and 2 seconds long, and the first minute and 13 seconds have absolutely nothing to do with the new interface.

In other words, more than half of this video that is supposed to show the new interface does anything but that. So half the video is useless.

Which happens to confirm what I think of Twitter.


Standards of today

In the BBC story they quote Ben Parr of as saying "It is one of the slickest web applications I have seen in a long time".

That I think sums up the reason we have such usless sites like Twitter and other badger related crap on the web.

Dear Ben Parr,

You are a twat.

Kind Regards,

From people who can see through marketing crap.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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