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Canadian privacy chief flunks Facebook

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You can fail facebook?

I wasn't even aware it was offered as a course. Is MySpace a prerequisite?

Paris Hilton

That's why

I never allow any 3rd party applications access to my personal information. It's simply not worth it.

Gosh, golly, gee wiz, but now my FB 'experience' isn't 'enhanced' with all the dreck and drivel those apps profer. Now THAT's what I call an enhanced experience.

Paris, because as a celebrity she has to share everything with everyone at all times. YUM!

Silver badge

It's Facebook, innit?

They'll say they (cough) hide the delete option to protect users from themselves.

I love to nuke all the accounts, if I could. Bwahahahahaaaa.

Farcebook, et al:

You pays your moneys, you takes your chances...


What the hell

Hello idiotic government, facebook's privacy policy is exactly that - FACEBOOK'S. If you want to make a social networking site and give it an ultra-protective privacy policy, YOU CAN. Facebook can keep their site with their crappy policy.

I'm so tired of people acting like trivial public websites on the INTERNET are violating some commandment by acting like Internet websites. Hey guess what old people who don't know what the Internet is, Internet websites are the epitome of insecurity.

You want secure private data? Don't put it into a cloud!

Anonymous Coward

@ dasdfdd

Facebook is hardly an essential service, but it is the government's job to take care of their citizens' interests. I happen to value privacy, and I'm happy that we have privacy laws like this. Even if in this case, where I don't have much problem with what Facebook is doing, I like the fact they're being challanged. Because if these things aren't kept in line, eventually we won't have a choice anymore.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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