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Sony-Ericsson calls time on another 2,000 jobs

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Thumb Down

*clap clap*


1 - you sack the people that design your phones..

2 - Quality of phones suffers as a result

3 - *shock* people buy less of your phones, market share falls..

4 - Repeat steps 1 to 3 again and again and again...

Dead Vulture

Gone to the dark side

Once they decided to switch from Symbian to Windows, it was obvious business was going to slide.

Anonymous Coward

P-ss take

It's a sh*te world out there...I've been laid off, no income. Doubt my employer will re-instate me.

I've got myself a job offer with a major company but I've been warned to expect a pay cut! I was paid peanuts anyway! And the new company isn't suffering that much in this recession: they haven't laid anyone off. They know I've been laid-off and it's just an excuse, they've got me over a barrel knowing I can't refuse the job whatever they offer me I have to accept! B'stards.

Yet, in the company there's going to be colleagues getting paid £15-£20K more than me with the same skill set I have!

Companies taking the p**s, because they know they can get away with it.


Great Shame

SE phones are (or at least were up to the K900i) the industry leaders when it comes to Battery Life and Cameras (for mobile phones).

No single maker can claim more reliable or long lasting bettery power than SE.

Whilst the current generation of cybershot phones (C705-C902-C905) have been the source of many complains about unreliability I can state categorically that mine joins the ranks of reliable SE's everywhere (there are more than the dissenters would have you believe).

What I'm getting at here is that it is not a drop in quality that is responsible for these problems. The financial problems have been caused by the operators. Contract terms have increase, meaning that instead of once a year, we can only upgrade every 18 months-2 years. This means fewer sales. Furthermore the US operators do not offer as many SE's because they think it costs too much.

SE phones are the best. Unfortunately, it is ultimately the price that phone operaters (O2, vodaphone, orange, T-Mobile etc) must pay to subsidise the handsets that is the problem. They are expensive but also the most advanced.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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