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UK security industry pleads for closer goverment ties

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Anonymous Coward

To paraphrase...

Give us more public money...

Suppose you can't blame them for using the Government's hype to try and get a slice of the tax payer pie.


More Money! More!

"Closer ties" = "open wallets".

These scaremongers just want more money, that's all. The "terrorist threat" is bogus anyway. It's not as if Osama's rockin' the internet from his dialysis machine - unless Steve Jobs launched the new iPiss while i wasn't looking - is it?

What threat? A few botnets and some fishy emails?

End the paranoia society. Tear down the CCTV cameras. Give us our lives back.

Silver badge

Celebrity endorsements?

'He cited speeches given by the outgoing Home Secretary John Reid that suggested a "competitive" security industry, yet one backed by government, would be equally vital as a source of wealth for the UK as it was a means of keeping borders safe.'

What they really want is an advert featuring Osama bin Laden and Barry Scott from Cillit Bang saying how the highly competitive British security industry always kept terrorists on their toes.

Don't you think 'Bang! and the problem's gone!' would make a terrific terrortackling jingle?


they left out ..

They left out the paedophiles and the money launderers ..


Moving to the UK

I'm moving my security consulting business to the UK. I wouldn't mind a few quid in my pocket while I charge 80 pounds an hour to tell people they are so screwed it's going to take 300 hours (at 80 an hour) to fix them.

A subsidy of a half million should do. For this year.

Of course, the threat of moving should get some money from the US. I wonder if the Texas Enterprise Fund would give me some.

Every business in the "developed" world is trying to pry money out of their government "to stay competitve". Meanwhile, the developing world is either plowing money into their enterprises or just not doing it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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