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Microsoft to fork out $180m to Iowa

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Happy Days!

So you were ripped off. Ah bless - here's a miniscule discount on the new product - and you'll have to buy a new PC to use them.

Next time you you deal with M$ just send us your bank details.


Microsoft settles in Iowa with Monopoly Money

To quote:

"Businesses that purchased multiple copies of products can receive a discount on new software from Microsoft."

Why should businessmen be entitled only to a discount and only *if* they buy some new software, instead of receiving a cash refund like personal consumers?

This "payment" (which is customarily known in the legal profession as "go away(euph.)" money costs Microsoft almost nothing if the businessman buys more MS software, and exactly nothing if he doesn't.

Sounds like a Pyrhhic victory in there somewhere...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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